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What if the skincare products that we used were completely aligned with supporting our health and wellness?

Come hang out with me as I share why I believe for sure that essential oils is the way to go in skincare.

During this session, you will learn:

: why skin care and self-love are one and the same thing {well, almost}

: what essential oils are

: the different essential oils that are awesome for your skin {p.s: it's not just tea tree}

: a simple test to help you decide what essential oil you need

: how to incorporate essential oils into your skincare routine

See you there!

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to Jun 5

Kidawa Natural Market

We shall be at the Kidawa Natural Market this weekend.

Come on down; there are plenty of surprises and lessons to share on how to support your wellbeing naturally with awesome essential oil samples.

There might even be a raffle!:)

Get sneak peeks of what we'll be up to here.

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