I hope you are concerned.  And angry.  

Let's be open here: many of the products we are using today have A LOT of chemicals in them, which are responsible for a number of symptoms of disease and distress.   

You simply CANNOT AFFORD to play around with your health.  

You have to make be RUTHLESS about what you let into your body. There are no two ways about it.

Would it not be wonderful to embrace a way of living that supports you naturally, sans worrying about pollutants and nasty chemicals? 

This is what happened to me:

My  journey into natural wellness began 4 years ago, catalysed by a particularly distressing acne breakout in my twenties.  I was massively self-conscious and my self-esteem was affected. I tried cutting out sugar and protein but nothing worked. The expensive facial products ended up stripping my skin bare until it was red and peeling [cringe]

Everything that was supposed to work JUST WASN'T CUTTING IT!

Until I accidentally ran into a pretty cool website that listed a series of remedies to improve the appearance of acne. Perhaps it was the thick gorgeous mane of jet black hair or the baby soft skin of the gal who was talking that won me over- I am not sure. 

All I know is that I was hooked. Naturally [pun intended], the mixologist in me took over and very soon I was scouring around for herbal ingredients and essential oils.

My road has been marked by trial and error, hits and misses and A LOT OF EXPERIMENTING and this is all based on my personal experience with essential oils.

The hardest part was sourcing good quality essential oils.

I eventually did find them, but they did the bare minimum. They were greasy, slimy and artificial and full of chemicals. I could feel the strange.  The interesting bit was that despite their low grade, I did draw some benefit from the oil which made me wonder what would happen if I got hold of the REAL, PURE GRADE STUFF, you know?

This is where my miracle happened: 

I will go as far as adding that essential oils have marked a turning point in supporting my well being and I am happy to shout it from the rooftops:)

my favorite oils to use at the moment:) oh, the list is still growing!

my favorite oils to use at the moment:) oh, the list is still growing!

Here's why YOU NEED to make essential oils your best friend:

Essential oils have been around since FOREVER and have been used successfully to promote vitality, energy, clarity, calm, and spiritual uplifting.

Essential oils are a powerhouse and can and will transform your life.


Don't take it from me: Here are some testimonials from others who have tried essential oils for themselves:

Taigu says: "I can smell Peppermint in my bedroom from my diffuser which sits in a specific corner. The aroma is still as strong as three days ago when I last diffused. As I get closer to the floor to take my first downward dog pose of the day, the air is very crisp with a hint of peppermint as I start doing yoga at 5:15 a.m. The stillness is very calming with no distractions just the sound of raindrops outside my window and the sound of my breath. Peppermint calms me down and helps me manage my sinusitis. Now I diffuse Peppermint when I get a chance. I diffuse it just before I go to bed at night, when I am washing my hair, as I read a book and listen to the rain as it pounds the ground. Basically, I diffuse it all the time. It is such a great experience." 

Lukas says: " My experience with peppermint has been great. Despite the wonderful smell it provides when using a diffuser I find it so relaxing. After my long day it definitely has its way of calming me down. Applying it at nerve points just makes me a stress free person. Using peppermint for me has just been nothing but a blast." 

Valerie says: "I have used lemon oil in my face and really like how it felt. I also used a bit on my scalp and it has a soothing effect on a part that was tense from braiding. I have also used it in the bath and loved the smell it left in the bathroom."

Serah adds: "Sandalwood oil smells amaaaaazing...it lulls me to sleep and calms me also. I don't want it to run out so am using it very very sparingly on my face." 


Looking after yourself CAN be a conscious, holistic, integrated, enjoyable and empowering sensual experience.


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