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What Exactly Is An Essential Oil?

Have you ever peeled an orange and smelled that gorgeously fresh, intoxicating aroma that bursts from its skin? If so, you’ve experienced essential oils.

Essential oils are the volatile aromatic compounds found in plants. They’re tiny organic molecules whose work is to keep the plant healthy, help it heal from infection and physical injury, ward off predators, and attract pollinators for reproductive purposes.

They’ve been used by humans for their medicinal and therapeutic benefits for centuries and are now becoming more popular as a tool to support total wellness.

How Do I Use These Gifts Of The Earth?

Essential oils can help you live a more natural lifestyle- easily and conveniently.

If you are looking for some ideas on how to take greater control of your health and wellbeing, download this simple guide called ‘Healthy Can Be Simple.’

What first started as an experiment in trying to cure my post adolescent acne naturally 7 years ago led to a great discovery in herbs and essential oils. I found doTERRA 3 years ago and I have been completely hooked since.

Personally, I use essential oils in all areas of my life. I’ve replaced all my personal and household care products and I’m well on my way to leaving a low tox lifestyle.

Here’s some of the oils I keep on regular rotation:

  • Jasmine is my personal fragrance of choice

  • Grapefruit revs up my metabolism + helps me stay connected to my intuition

  • Melaleuca is my antiseptic of choice and helps me handle intense life pressure {I’m an introvert, go figure}

  • Vetiver is my scent of choice to help me stay grounded

  • Eucalyptus is my air purifier of choice. It smells so divine when blended with tea tree

I could go on and on (and on) about my love for these oils, and don’t even get me started on the blends! I get centered and reduce anxiety with a grounding blend, kick my immune system into high gear with a protective blend, soothe indigestion/heartburn with a digestive blend, and manage any pressure I feel with the peace blend.

I have also grown to love creating custom aromatherapy blends for people, teaching women how to use the oils for beauty, confidence and their health and well being. 

I feel so good knowing I know and can pronounce every ingredient that goes on my skin and into my body! (doTERRA offers a variety of health and wellness products!)

There are no mistakes in nature!

The best quality essential oils each hold a certain frequency.  When applied to the body, the plants get to work, the aromatic compounds  support you and when applied to your body, the oils begin the beautiful healing beautiful process.


1| Determine Your Wellness Goals

What do you want to feel more of?

Are you focusing on specific wellness goals? Hoping to get personalized recommendations and info? I’d absolutely love to help.

Drop me a line via email or schedule some time to chat via phone or Skype.

I also love doing wellness workshops for groups if you and your peeps want to make a little oily fiesta out of it.

2| Pick Your Kit

The smartest way to buy essential oils is to open a wholesale account so you can ensure you’re always getting the lowest pricing available (25% off retail price). I always recommend opening a wholesale account because it gives you access to a huge discount with no strings attached whatsoever.

With a wholesale account you also have access to an optional, but insanely generous Loyalty Rewards Program (free product, for the win!) – and you have the opportunity to make commission for sharing the oils with friends, if that’s something you’re into.

You can pick a kit based on what your needs are and what your budget it. Pick one that speaks to you, or order a la carte!!

top 10 oils

You absolutely cannot go wrong with the Home Essentials Kit(as shown above!), and it is the one that I believe everyone should start with. These top 10 oils will be at the core of your wellness once you begin your journey with doTERRA.

The Home Essentials Kit comes with the Top 10 oils in the 15ml size, as well as my very favorite diffuser. To order this kit you only need to add the kit to your cart, no enrollment fee is necessary.

If you are on a budget then get the Family Essentials Kit, this will come with the same oils in the smaller 5ml size, and will not include a diffuser.  

You can see all the available kits here.

What If I Want More Than Just The Oils?

There’s a kit for that! These larger kits are especially great for people who want to sell the oils in their retail location, use them with clients, and peeps who want to get a running start at building their own essential oil biz (and toxin-free living enthusiasts, of course). Plus, there are bigger discounts and extra bonuses when signing up with the larger kits.

With the Natural Solutions Kit you save $98 on wholesale pricing, get 100 free product credits to use towards future purchases, and automatically start receiving 15% of each Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) order back in free product credits.

With the Every Oil Kit you save $285 on wholesale pricing, get 200 free product credits to use towards future purchases, and automatically start receiving 20% of each LRP order back in free product credits.

With the Diamond Kit you save $804 on wholesale pricing, get 400 free product credits to use towards future purchases, and automatically start receiving 25% of each LRP order back in free product credits.

And How About A Custom Selection?

Totally doable! You’ll just miss out on the enrollment kit extra discount, and will pay a $35 enrollment fee. The enrollment fee gets you access to wholesale pricing (25% off). This is still a way better value than paying retail.

If you’d rather go the DIY route, here’s the full product guide so you can take a peek through all of the great options you can choose from.

Set Up Your Wholesale Account and Join My Wellness Circle

:: Go to this website.
:: Click “Join And Save” at the top right.
:: Select Wholesale Customer.
:: Follow the steps and add your info.
:: My referral ID is 2618743 if needed.
:: Select the Home Essentials kit or the kit of your choice or add the essential oils you’d like to order :: Check out and process order.


I am on a mission to create healers in every home, one essential oil at a time.

I am working with women who are called to live vibrantly, inspire others and spread the light so they can free themselves financially!

What would it feel like to have a health + wellness business that lights you up?

As part of my Wellness Circle, you are supported by myself and a sisterhood of like minded women, who are carrying the message of hope and empowerment in their hearts and who love doTERRA essential oils. 

Together we offer others a chance to create healthy and wealthy lives through doTERRA essential oils.

This is our mission: to bring healing to others and encourage everyone to live in true WELLNESS.

Still have more questions? Connect with me at