Today I am spilling the beans. All of it. It's only right to share so that you too are in the loop.

Fact: I consider myself a mixologist. I experiment and like to whip things up. Plain does not exist in my vocabulary.  In my other life, I would probably have been a herbalist.

Fact: I am the queen of natural wellness and zen-like anything. Health freak, they call it.

Fact:  I love essential oils. Period.

What's with all the hype about essential oils?

Let's just say that essential oils are not new. They have been around for thousands of years and celebrated since the time of Ancient Egypt, India and China, Greece, Rome and Europe. They have been used for everything from countering infections on the battlefield to aromatic baths and massages.

Why do I use essential oils?

My own journey with essential oils started when I discovered a cool website that had all these herbal alternatives. I had suffered from a particularly bad outbreak of acne and the cost of treatment was not quite friendly. I had literally given up on finding a 'cure' until I stumbled on simple, from-my-kitchen pantry recipes that would later on make all the difference. [Insert IwishIhadbeforeandafterpicturesasevidence face here]

My last blog post was about enjoying life through savouring the richness of your senses.  I can think of no better way than incorporating aromatherapy into your daily routine. Essential oils offer incredible benefits for vitality, energy, clarity, calm, and spiritual uplifting. These pure oils offer natural choices for personal care, family wellness, home cleaning, body care products and more.

How do you incorporate the goodness of essential oils in your everyday? 

Incorporate scents that excite you. Aromatherapy is one of the easiest ways to raise the energy in a space.  Think back to the everyday scents that excite you- roses, my all time favourites, tiger lilies, freshly baked pastries...the list is endless. I personally love the scent of rosemary mixed with orange.  So far, I have put essential oils into my lotion, shower gel and I diffuse on a regular basis.

Which essential oils do I use?

I have used different brands over my lifetime but now I firmly stand behind dōTERRA which are pure therapeutic quality essential oils. It's important to me to use products that are certified free of synthetic fragrances, GMOs, pesticides, heavy metals, mould, mildew and diluting agents. An added bonus is oils that promote economic sustainability and well-being for the farmers.

So far, it's been one amazing learning curve, discovering new uses of essential oils. Who knew that lemon EO could be used to remove the sticky gum label on glass bottles? Pure genius if you ask me!  Keep it close because I will be sharing a couple of my favourite oil blends and uses regularly.

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