Self Love x doTERRA Essential Oils

Self love is a big, juicy topic.  

Just Google it and you’ll see numerous articles, blogs and posts talking about this.

One of the tools that can support a healthy dose of self love is using essential oils. Aromatherapy is an effective self care method to help us grow deeper in our self awareness and emotional awareness.

Essential oils work extremely well because they interact directly with the limbic system and amygdala- the parts of our brain that are all about emotions, memories, instinct and mood.

Each pure essential oil has a vibration and energetic frequency, with a corresponding physical and emotional benefit. These high vibe plant goodness pair well with other self love rituals such as meditation, journaling and yoga.

In today’s post I’m sharing with you 6 of my favourite essential oils to powerfully help us when we need a boost of self love. {This is by no means an exhaustive list but it’s a good place to start}

 1| Grapefruit


Grapefruit is the one oil that perfectly embodies the essence of self love.

A great part of our self love as women is tied to how we feel about our bodies. We are critical of what we don’t like and will go to great lengths to manage what we perceive as imperfections- sometimes to dangerous effects.

Energetically referred to as The Oil of Honouring The Body, grapefruit’s fragrance is revitalizing and uplifting. 

She  promotes a feeling of love and self-acceptance, and teaches true respect and appreciation for our physical bodies. She encourages us to develop a positive relationship with our bodies and to respect our physical needs.

Some Ways To Use Grapefruit Essential Oil:

:: Add one to two drops to your water {in a glass or stainless steel container} to support a healthy metabolism, which is critical for a sense of overall wellbeing.

:: Mix with coconut oil {or add it to your body lotion or carrier oil of choice} to self-massage on thighs, belly and hips or other areas where you’re feeling a sense of disapproval.  As you do so, affirm to yourself ‘I accept and approve of myself, just as I am right now.’

Personally, grapefruit essential oil is a regular feature in my DIY beauty creations. I think of it as a special treat for my body.

:: Diffuse her with bergamot {another essential oil that is great for self love} in the morning or when you need a dose of self loving vibes.

 :: Use it in your bath salts or shower and take a moment to appreciate your body and all the good things it enables you to do.


2| Bergamot

This beautiful citrus fruit gets its name from Bergamot, Italy, where it’s popularly grown.

Bergamot will teach us, especially as women, to let go of self imposed judgement by learning how to love ourselves unconditionally by embracing our uniqueness, self approval, joy and resulting self-confidence. 

Energetically this is the Oil of Self Confidence, and is said to be the oil of self love and self acceptance.

It helps us release self-judgement and low self-esteem, and assists with self-acceptance, confidence, feeling good enough and lovable. 

Instead of hiding behind a façade of cheerfulness, it offers us courage to share our inner selves with others.

Bergamot helps lift your spirit and reminds you to see the brighter side of life by allowing you to absorb love, light and brightness into your life.  

How To Use Bergamot

:: Add a few drops of Bergamot oil in a diffuser and diffuse for a calming atmosphere.  This is great in the classroom, at work or at home. You can pair it with grapefruit or cassia essential oils. 

:: Apply 1 drop of bergamot diluted in a carrier oil on your solar plexus {just around your belly button} and massage clock wise to boost this energy center, which is responsible for personal power, creativity and self esteem.

Please note: this oil is photosensitive when applied topically. Either use it at night or limit your exposure to the sun. 

3| Melaleuca aka Tea Tree

Tea tree

We can’t talk about self love without bringing up the issue of boundaries and melaleuca is the perfect oil to address this issue because it’s known as the Oil of Energetic Boundaries.

As women, we’re mostly likely to have blurred lines, allowing toxic relationships to flourish in our spaces. Perhaps it has everything to do with our nurturing essence, which makes us feel like we have to be all things to all people.

Melaleuca helps shift us from parasitic and codependent relationships, poor boundaries and drained emotional toxicity to a state of healthy and respectful connections where we feel empowered, resilient and safe.

Melaleuca helps us to say NO easily. 

No is the ultimate word for self care and self love.

No is a complete sentence. Don’t feel guilty about saying ‘no.’ 

How To Use Melaleuca

:: Combine 1 drop each of tea tree and 1 drop bergamot for this “I-Can-Say- No” Blend. Massage this onto your solar plexus region as you give yourself permission to say NO. 

Bergamot oil will give you the confidence to say, ‘no’, doing what’s best for you and not from of a place of guilt or fear.

This combination of tea tree and bergamot can be diffused consistently, especially by those people who suffer from low self worth.

:: Dilute and rub Melaleuca on the bottom of your feet, tummy and  back of your neck daily to remind yourself of self-respect and self-love. Take time to clearly identify your boundaries, what you can tolerate and what you won’t.

:: Spiritually, Melaleuca reminds us that we’ve been given the ability to choose. It also reminds us to respect and honour other people’s power to make their own choices.

:: For people consistently facing energy leaks and energy vampires, try diffusing tea tree. It’ll not only clear out the yucky airborne muck, but it’ll also help you release all forms of self betrayal including feeling responsible for others’ issues.

:: Try pairing tea tree with clove essential oil in the diffuser or dilute for a quick massage for a double dose of being true to yourself.


4| Coriander

Coriander is The Oil of Integrity.   It encourages us to live from our true self and express our uniqueness.

Spiritually, coriander reminds us that we are special children of God, endowed with amazing powers within.

Here’s a quick way to know if you’re being True to Yourself:  Take a whiff from a bottle of coriander.  If the oil smells good, then you’re ready to work on being more true to yourself.  

If it’s repulsive to you, you may want to do some self-examination and introspection as to what thoughts you hold about yourself.

Diffuse coriander essential oil with wild orange as you’re writing in your gratitude journal. Write everything you’re grateful for about your life, yourself and recognize the tender mercies granted to you by God.

Some great affirmations to use with this oil would be:

:: I Am Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

:: I am unique and my uniqueness is what makes me ME

 Two of my favorite pairings with coriander are:

:: Coriander and ginger{ the oil of empowerment}, which helps us let go of the victim mentality that we hold. I would diffuse this when I need to shift out of feeling helpless and into a space of ‘yes I can.’

:: Coriander and fennel {the oil of responsibility}, which allows us to know when we’re shouldering burdens that aren’t ours to carry. I would massage this particular combination, diluted in a suitable carrier oil, on my shoulders when the expression ‘the world is on my shoulders’ seems to hold true.

I feel as if coriander is an oil that celebrates each of our uniqueness, those quirks that make us wonderfully us and individual.

Once we figure that out, we’re able to show up from a space of authenticity and truly loving ourselves.




5| Cassia

Cassia essential oil is regarded as “the oil of self assurance” in aromatherapy. 

Cassia’s emotional benefits include inducing courage, reassurance and strengthening self-confidence.

It’s a beautiful remedy for the shy and timid, those who suffer from low self esteem and those in need of encouragement to overcome an obstacle.

Its cinnamon-like smell has calming and feel good properties.

Cassia essential oil induces those who smell it to appreciate their own abilities and shine.

Cassia easily steps up as the oil of authenticity- allowing us to celebrate our beauty, our power, the sweetness of who we are, our worth and value.

Build Your Confidence by regularly smelling or diffusing cassia and saying positive powerful affirmations about yourself.

When we allow ourselves to be authentic and we accept ourselves and what we have to offer more, we find that other people will love and accept us too.



6| Rose

Floral oils are all about opening up to possibility and encouraging time out and self-love. 

Rose oil is said to have the highest vibration of any essential oils on the planet and is known as The Oil Of Divine Love.

Rose’s vibrational element is so strong it raises the vibrational level of all who come into close proximity with it.  One drop of Rose oil on the sternum or at the base of the throat can affect an entire room of 30-40 people.  

Rose can help elevate your mood all day and it inspires creativity and intuition. 

This exquisite yet delicate floral oil helps us feel loved, compassionate, healing, tenderhearted and accepted, while increasing our capacity to be empathetic.

Rub a drop of rose oil on your heart as you affirm  “I love and accept myself as I am now.” 

Rose will help us come closer to and experience God’s love, especially when blended with other high frequency oils like frankincense and sandalwood.

Rose oil relaxes our fears and helps us open up to the sweetness of God’s love.

Use doTERRA Essential Oils To Help You Grow In Self Love

If you need an extra Self-Love Boost, choose the oils that speak most to you, declare your intention around it and either

: Diffuse the oils regularly until you feel a shift in your psyche

:: Make an easy Self Love Spray using water and your chosen combination of oils in a spray bottle. You can use it on your body, in your workspace, in your car, over your linens at night {just be sure to use high quality essential oils so that you can get the therapeutic benefits and grow in self-love and confidence!}

:: Use these oils as you journal, do yoga or pray.


p.s: The information contained on this website is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease.

p.s.s: all references to the emotional and energetic properties of the essential oils are taken from Emotions and Essential Oils, 6th Edition, 2017

Practicing intentional self care keeps you balanced and healthy, essential for long term wellness.  

Working with the purest and most potent doTERRA essential oils can help you grow in self love.

Let the oils help you figure this out.  You don’t have to do it alone.

I’d love to have a chat with you about how to use these oils {and others} to support your wellness journey and awaken your self-love!

Send me an email or comment below, and I’d be happy to chat with you.

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