No More New Year Resolutions For This Gal {And What I'm Doing Instead}


Photo by Jazmin Quaynor on Unsplash

Happy New Years lovelies.

I don’t know about you, but for the last few years, I’ve always felt an insane amount of pressure to have New Year Goals come January. Research has proven that many people don’t make it past the 3rd day, with all their well meaning intentions and lofty goals. I’ve been there.

Last year, I decided I’d had enough and didn’t set any goals. It was a Go With The Flow kind of year for me.

Come the last quarter of 2018, I suddenly felt inspired to review my life from the lens of who I wanted to be and what I wanted to do and have.

For 2019, while I’m extremely grateful to have made it into a New Year – whose significance is not lost on me, I feel it’s just a continuation of what I started on late last year.

Instead of putting myself under unnecessary strain of setting new goals, I’ve decided to do things a bit differently.

1| I Have An Actual Vision Board

I’m definitely a visual person and while it’s surprising to me that I’ve never created a vision board, I have tons of screenshots all over my laptop and phone of what I’d like to do, be and have.

I spent the last quarter of 2018 putting my vision board together. All that’s left now is to print it out and put it in a place I can clearly see it. I appreciate the idea that I am ready for it NOW , because  it was a fun and fulfilling exercise deciding, creating and experiencing the feel good emotions as I made it.

For the moment, I’m content to looking through it as it sits in my computer, visualising all the grand things I’d love for myself.

2| I’m Embracing Financial Self Care

Last year was an absolutely ‘tight’ year for me. The only reason I’m being open about this is because I realized that it is time to start looking after my money the way I look after myself.

I believe that having money allows us great freedom and opportunity. However, after observing myself, I notice I’ve mostly been careless with my approach to money. I’m that woman who shudders at the thought of managing my numbers, but it’s time for me to review my mindset surrounding money.

There’s more to money than it just being a means of currency. For 2019, i’m embracing the idea that the way that we approach all other areas of our lives is the same way that we should approach our money. 2019 is all about fiscal responsibility and I intend to bring the same dedication to it as I have my self care. 

Here’s a great place to start on this journey if you’d like a few ideas that will help you view money from a more mindful place. It’s also a great journaling exercise, becoming aware of your relationship with money.


3| I’m Creating A Ton of Space

I hope you’ve heard of Netflix’s new hit show, Tidying With Marie Kondo.

It’s a beautiful lifestyle makeover show by Japanese tidying guru Marie who is helping American families declutter. I’m not sure about you, but I’ve noticed that there’s a wave of minimalism sweeping the world at the moment.

I’ve been craving space and lightness, and I’d like what I own to be a reflection of how I want to live my life.

I’ve already began the process of releasing with love what I no longer need, and I’m keeping with me only the things that spark joy and those that I’d love to take with me into my future.

I’m becoming more conscious of my consumerism habits, and as part of my financial self care journey, I’m taking extra care to be a more mindful buyer.

Here’s a tip to get your tidy on:  diffuse your favourite essential oil that sparks joy for you as you are doing this process. It can get very emotional as you take in the depth of what you own and the stories and attachments behind your possessions.

4| I Have A Word Of The Year And An Aromatic Anchor

My Word of 2019 is Progress. I felt stuck and stagnant for most of 2018 and I’d like that to change in 2019. I’m focusing more on little steps to get me moving.

I also decided to make use of my essential oils to support me more during this year, and I intuitively picked out ginger as my aromatic anchor for 2019. You can watch all about my explanation for it in this video here.

Please remember that NOW is always the best time to start.  

We’re not limited to the New Year to make a change or develop better habits. All it takes is a decision to do what you need to do.



Your Turn:  

I’d love to know what you’re up to this 2019.

What ideas are you embracing? Do you have a word for the year? 

What are you going to do differently in 2019 to make it your best year yet?