5 Ways To Tune Into Your Intuition


My favorite verb of late is Intuit. Using your intuition. Getting Into It.

Our intuition shows up for many of us as soul whispers, a gut feeling, a sense of contraction or expansion. 

We would do much better if we paid attention to this innate guidance system more often. To tune in and act on this gentle wisdom, without censoring it with our logic and practical mind

Tuning into our intuition can be a daily practice that allows us to live from a deeper space of trust. 

Thankfully there are products that can teach us how to access and trust our intuition. These 5 products can be used everyday and they are a fun and simple way to incorporate self care.


1| Access Your Inner Voice Through Journaling 

Journaling is not only a therapeutic exercise but it’s one that allows us access to our inner voice. If done mindfully, through journaling you can express your deepest desires, wisdom, fears and way forward.

I love doing the Morning Pages, 3 handwritten pages of whatever is on my mind. I have used this practice for close to 4 years now, waking up at the crack of dawn to mind dump. I have realized 2 things, once the mind dump part is done, I get connected to the quieter and wiser part of me that knows much more than I can even imagine. At first, I used to discount this voice as a hoax and a figment of my imagination. Until I began to see answers to questions appear, solutions, dreams and desires. 

You can use some journaling prompts. Or a planner that is holistic and all encompassing. I love Danielle La Porte’s Desire Map Planner, which I have used for the last 2 years. It has helped me plan my day according to my core desired feelings. It’s been fascinating to interrogate my heart through the daily prompts. And how the quote of the day and feeling of the day sometimes aptly captures what’s going on in my life at that particular moment. I have been amazed by this coincidences, many times affirming to me that my intuition is absolutely spot on.


2| Make Use Of Your Golden Hour

It occurred to me quite by accident that between 3 and 5 a.m. is my Golden Hour. That moment when I think in possibility and creativity. Apparently, this is the alpha state when the left and right sides of the brain are working together collaboratively and in perfect harmony. 

Take advantage of this perfect state of balance. Figure out when your Golden Hour is. For many people it is either early in the a.m. or that moment just before you lull off to sleep.

Use this time to seek answers, solutions and direction from within.


3| Relax At Bath Time

I consider bath time a sacred ritual of self care. I normally use either pink Himalayan or Epsom salts.

Especially for the empaths among us, when life feels confusing, exhausting and overwhelming, a soak in a salt filled bath allows all the external noise to wash away so that we can come back to the subtleties that reside deep within.

You can read this post here on how to create a healing bath ritual for yourself.


4| Permission To Relax Granted With A Cuppa

I recently told my mama that I am turning into an old woman due to my love of tea. Herbal tea to be precise. I feel that it is soothing, relaxing and a perfect way to release the stress of the day and prepare for the evening. I love that tea can be a moment of quiet enjoyment. 

Any herbal tea lovingly made and deliberately savored can induce a sense of calm and the alpha state {see point 2 above} Some favorites include chamomile, peppermint, rooibos, lavender and the brand of Yogi Tea.

5| Essential Oils

These volatile aromatic plant compounds are God’s perfect answer to our wellbeing.

Essential oils not only smell beautiful but they can also help us access a state of emotional and mental health. 

Some essential oils that are particularly helpful in enhancing our connection to our innate guidance include Clary Sage, sandalwood, frankincense, douglas fir, lavender and juniper berry. 

Please remember that essential oils are powerful and we should respect their potent abilities to support us.  The beauty of essential oils lie in their individualized action, according to each person’s needs. Their action is immediate and a quick whiff off the bottle will suffice.

I love creating a simple roller bottle with bottles of pure essential oil goodness topped up with fractionated coconut oil {feel free to substitute with another odorless and light carrier oil of choice}. I then  roll my blend across my heart and sacral chakra – lower belly region, to access greater connection with my creativity and intuition.

Please remember that when we take care of ourselves we become a clear channel towards what our body, heart and soul most needs. With a bit of deliberate practice, we can amplify your intuition and a deeper connection with ourselves.

How do you connect with your intuition? Let me know the ways in which you do.