Being 30


I feel like 30 has been my most exciting yet challenging year yet. 

A lot has happened, yet nothing major has happened at the same time.

A time like this last year, I remember sitting down in the room I was in at Salt Lake City, Utah and penning a letter to my future 31 year old self. 

For this birthday, I'm reflecting on the greatest lessons I've picked up. 

It turns out that I've learnt so much that I couldn't possibly fit all the lessons into one blog post, but if I was to narrow it down to anything, these are my top 30 picks.

1.    Flow over force always. If you have to force anything- from your ponytail to your friendships, let it go. From photos for Instagram to your boyfriend, let that drama go.

2.    The greatest Question we can ask ourselves is How Can I Be Of Service? Especially when we believe we have nothing to offer. You'll be surprised.

3.    Set powerful intentions. Your intention is your why, your raison d’etre. It has to be extremely personal to you. No one else needs to understand it.

4.    Trust in the process. The messier and more jumbled it seems, the more beautiful the result.

5.    The journey is more important. Sometimes, we imagine we want what lies at the end of the road, but how we get there and what we experience getting there is half the fun.

6.    Find tools that work for you and keep doing that. For me, it’s essential oils, yoga, bath time, herbal teas, journaling and many more. These are my go to at ALL times.

7.    Do the Be. Do. Have Exercise. Think about 10 things you’d like to Be. Do and Have. Write it down in pencil because these are always changing as you evolve and grow. Allow yourself to go all with what you'd like to be, do and have. By the way, there's a reason it's in that particular order.

8.    We are humans and our work is to evolve. You are not the same person you were a year ago or even a month ago. That’s OK. We were never meant to be static.

9.    Disconnect from everything and everyone that agitates your spirit. Seal all the energy leaks that you can and protect your peace of mind.

10. God’s grace is more than sufficient for us. In those moments when we feel we can’t anymore, remember that. Grace is there for you when you need it. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and say that prayer.

11.I have the power to create and design my life exactly the way I want it to be. We are always creating.

12.My desires are scared. I don't need to explain or justify why I want what I want to anyone. In the same breath, want what you want with all your heart.

13. The only way to change up your money story is by owning up to it. Then become conscious and aware. Learn everything you can about money and treat it with the respect, love and care it deserves. Then it will treat you well.

14. We create through our thoughts and the emotions we attach to those thoughts. Which is why a negative state of mind is so powerful at creating more negative outcomes. Choose what you want to experience and use your energy positively.

15. Dare to dream. Very big dreams that scare the life out of you. Once a desire has been planted in your heart, rest assured that the way to achieve it has also been prepared.

16. Thou shalt not suffer in silence in order to keep the peace. Speak up for what you want. Don't hold it in. People can't read your thoughts.

17. Trust that you intuitively know what’s best for you.

18. Do more of what makes you smile.

19. Pay attention to your body. She will show and tell you exactly what you need to know.

20. Gratitude always.

21. In times of tense or charged situations, always look for the next best available feeling. Because it's not always possible or practical to move from 0 to 100 in 10 seconds, why not try and go form 0 to 20. That's a pretty big step up.

22. Show up. In spite of your fear of rejection, of being laughed at, of failing. When you show up authentically and in a spirit of service, you'll be amazed at who shows up to support you.

23. Declutter and let go of what you don't need so that you can create space for what you actually want

24. Family is such a blessing, and it can take different forms. Our work is to recognise that.

25. How can you use everyday moments to bring mindfulness in your life?

26. It’s OK to ask for help.

27. Self care is saying a big YES to you. Choosing you first so that your well is full and from there you can look after others.

28. Dare to share your story. You have no idea how your journey can be of service to someone else.

29. It’s OK to want more for yourself. It's OK to want a good left, the best life in fact.

30. Love yourself hard. Honor yourself through your choices. And take care of your body.

Happy birth day and birth month to me! And to more growth and personal evolution.


I'd love to know what are some your greatest life lessons?

Feel free to share in the comments below.