5 Ways To Nourish And Flourish


It's tough being a human today.

We are working harder, lead sedentary lifestyles and are constantly trying new fad diets as well as being addicted to our phones and social media. Added to that is the stress of poor quality leadership, sub standard products, climate change and it appears that it's a struggle keeping afloat.

In this blog post, I'd like to share with you 5 bite sized tools that I have been incorporating into my own wellness journey and which have been very useful in taking charge of my life and stress.

 1| Quiet Time

Whether you prefer to journal or pray or meditate, whichever practice that allows you some moments of stillness, do that.  

It's better to do this in the morning so that you are able to center myself, set my intentions and relax. I journal in the wee hours because I realise I have access to a deeper creative power than any other time. My first waking hour is my most precious moment.


2| Create A Night Time Ritual

Create a nightly ritual that allows your body to relax and fall asleep.

Some of the actions I like to include are:

*** turning off any electronics at least 30 minutes before bed,

*** diffusing my favorite nighttime blend of essential oils {I like vetiver, the Anchor blend from doTERRA's Yoga Collection, Serenity and lavender}

*** having a cup of tea which normally looks like hot water with a couple drops of grapefruit or juniper berry essential oil or herbal tea.

*** I sometimes review how my day went, with the intention of letting go of all the drama, but not always. I have found that a drop of tea tree and marjoram over my heart is very helpful in letting go of a long day.

*** Getting 8 hours of sleep nightly is an important goal for me as well. There's a big difference when I have slept well and when my night was spent tossing and turning.

3| Exercise

Movement and exercise is another key action that helps me feel more grounded, focused, positive, and present.

I have found that I am more energised when I start or end my day with yoga, depending on my schedule. I also love to walk and I have installed the Pacer app on my phone to help me keep up with my steps.

If you're struggling with creating an exercise routine, check out some of my tips here to help you start and stick with it.


4| Essential Oils:  

I started on my journey with essential oils 7 years ago, but I have experienced the powerful and life changing effects of these plant agents for the last 3 years, and my most profound experiences with them have been over the past 1 year. 

They have HUGE physical benefits but are also an excellent support for emotional and mental wellbeing. 

Our sense of scent communicates directly with the olfactory bulb in the brain, which is responsible for regulating hormone balance in the body, supporting mood, trauma, our sense of smell and our ability to process information.

Each essential oil has a unique chemical profile that makes it dynamic and effective at supporting our body systems.

What intrigues me about essential oils is how our bodies can intuitively tell us what we need to support us at any given moment.

We have many options available to support our mood:

**** Citrus oils for uplifting the mood and getting some pep.

**** The root oils to help ground down and calm including Patchouli, Vetiver and Sandalwood.

You can apply these oils heart, energy centres of your body and pulse points. {Please make sure to dilute accordingly}

You can also put a variation of oils in the diffuser throughout the day.

Sometimes, it's as easy as sniffing directly from the bottle as the fastest way to get the oils into the bloodstream and experience them therapeutically. 


5| Pay Attention To Body Language 

When we talk about stress we can describe it as  "the Knot in my stomach", or the "pressure" .

There are less obvious signs. That aching back.The constant migraine. The stuffy chest and heavy heart.

We are guilty of demanding magic from our bodies...always in a constant motion of Go! Go! Go! Is it any wonder therefore when our bodies break down and shut down- forcing us to listen and pay attention.

I have come to realise that our bodies tell us what is going on with us more accurately than anything else ever could.

It will gently persuade you to set limits and boundaries around what you will not put up with.

It will force you to walk away from that job that is taking its toll on you.

Connect with the wisdom of your body. Your body holds your truth.


The information contained on this website is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease.

Please consult your physician in case you are implementing other health protocols.