Essential Oils For That Time Of The Month

essential oils for your period

I get amused because every time before my menstrual cycle, I normally look for grapefruit, lavender and clary sage. Those are some of  my go-to essential oils for feminine and hormonal wellbeing and balance.

Essential oils and aromatherapy are especially useful to help create balance and to ease tension ~ both physically (back ache, cramps etc) and emotionally.  For me, I normally feel tired and groggy and cranky.  It's part of my natural rhythm. This is the season where we as women are generally tired and naturally feel like resting and contemplating.

For many women though, it's a period that brings out the worst in them.  Many are forced to take pain killers and an extra coffee to stay in society's flow and expectations 

As part of respecting my body and cycle, I did a quick video sharing some of my favourite oils to assist during my cycle.

I hope you find this video useful :)

Your Turn:

How do you support yourself during your menstrual cycle?

Share in the comments below.

p.s: please feel free to share this with the women in your life whom you feel will benefit from this info.