7 Ways To Use Activated Charcoal At Home

activated charcoal

Activated charcoal has quickly become one of my favorite ingredients. It is a beautiful deep black hue that is especially great for DIY skincare. If you are looking for a product that detoxifies, cleanses and tones all in one go- look no further than activated charcoal.


1|Detox Skin

The beauty of activated charcoal is that is absorbs excess oil and cleanses pores in seconds. It’s almost like a vacuum- as you spread the mask on your face and allow it to sit, imagine it sucking toxins out of your skin.

It can be used alone or mixed in with other skin enhancing and detoxifying ingredients such as essential oils, ground flowers and herbs or activated with natural yoghurt, aloe vera, rose water or just plain water.


2|Exfoliate Skin

Gently exfoliate your face once or twice a week with a facial scrub made out of activated charcoal. Your skin will feel clean and refreshed. I love using a mix of activated charcoal, rice flour, essential oils [depending on my mood] and activated with aloe vera juice.


3| Clear Acne

If there’s one skin type that would benefit greatly from the gentle cleansing action of activated charcoal, it would be acne prone skin.

Make a quick mask using activated charcoal and water that you can use on your entire face.  The action of sucking out toxins from the skin will help your face clear out faster.  


4|Add it to your bath salts

I really love the black color that activated charcoal gives when added to a bath salt mix. I feel it’s almost magical and alchemical when you add charcoal to Epsom salts, dead sea salts or sea salt. Scoop a quarter cup and add to your bath. Enjoy the relaxant feeling.


Other fun things to try with activated charcoal

* Make Deodorant

I tried to make a powder deodorant using baking soda, rice flour, activated charcoal and essential oils which I would apply using a powder brush on my armpits. It helped make the transition to natural deodorant easier. The jury is still out on this but it's a great place to start.

* To be tried: Soothe An Upset Tummy

One of the directions for use on my tub of activated charcoal is to add a heaped tablespoon to a cup of water. I wonder how it would taste to add some charcoal to a morning smoothie, just in the same way that you would add moringa or baobab powder. Please use food grade activated charcoal for this.

It is no surprise that it would be helpful in conditions like bloating and gas seeing as it absorbs toxins from straight inside the stomach.  When taking activated charcoal, remember to drink more water than usual, as it can cause dehydration. Water will also help flush out the toxins easier and faster.

* Whiten Teeth

If you are trying to make your own toothpaste, adding activated charcoal may help make your teeth whiter! You can very easily mix the powder with some water and dabbing it onto your teeth. It works by changing the pH of the mouth and it should be used 2-3 times a week for best results.



Have you used activated black charcoal in your skincare?

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p.s: feel free to try these recipes out and let me know what you think.