Keep It 'Hygge' This December

I don’t know what I’m most looking forward to this December- the celebration and gathering or winding down after what has been one very intense year for me.

With all the excitement that December holds, this season can be stressful for many of us- with expenses, societal pressure and everything else coming into the picture.

If you’re feeling exhausted by the thought of relatives and obligations, I’d like to challenge you to reframe your idea of the Holiday Season and borrow a leaf from our Danish friends.

Denmark is said to be the happiest nation on earth, and according to the CEO of the Happiness Research Institute, Meik Wiking , this is all because of hygge. 

The Danish concept of hygge, (proncounced "Hoo-gah") is a combination of feelings and words that stir us:  coziness, harmony, peace, gratitude, connection, safety, awe, ritual, mindfulness, community, relationship, grounding, balance, moment by moment, savoring and slowing down to really celebrate everyday and its treasures.

Choosing Hygge allows us to be balanced and grounded instead of moving at a busy, frantic pace.

December then becomes the perfect time to hygge because it’s traditionally a season of winding down, celebrating with friends and family gatherings.

ultimate hygge guide


6 Practical Ways To Be More Hyggelist This December

1| Set The Mood For Celebration And Gathering

Creating an atmosphere of celebration and gathering can help you and others enjoy the season. Set the mood by running an essential oil diffuser with Christmasy scents such as cinnamon, clove, ginger, peppermint, fir oil, and wild orange.

The receptors in your nose that control smell communicate with the parts of your brain that hold onto emotions and memories. Begin to create new memories and emotional associations about Christmas and the Holiday season for you and your family through smells.

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2| Surround Yourself With Softness, Warmth and Coziness

For many of us, we tend to slow down and relax over the Holiday Season.

Take advantage of this time to incorporate fuzzy slippers, cozy blankets and soft loungewear.

It's easier for our mood to be peaceful if our physical body is in a state of ease and relaxation. 

Have something warm to drink to help you invoke hygge into even the most mundane activities. Maybe doing paperwork or completing chores around the house doesn't feel very hygge, but doing these things with a mug full of {herbal} tea in your hand might. 

p.s: Don’t forget to indulge in your favourite Christmas carols in the background.

3|Create Traditions

It’s become a thing in our house for my sister and I to wake up early and get down to serious Christmas cooking. We go all out and prepare a feast fit for a king {after which we don’t cook for the next 2 days}

We also have a new tradition that involves gathering everyone including our niece and nephew, having a beautiful fruit cake to indulge in and watching movies and TV together.

Start thinking about the traditions you’d like to incorporate. Just let it be the ones that make you smile each time you think about them.


I almost fell of my chair when I heard a certain radio presenter say that for this Christmas, she was hosting her family and was planning on take out because she had quite a few gigs to work on.

But now that I think about it, it’s OK.

Positive psychology researchers say we’re happiest when we keep things simple and have fewer choices.  We create stress when wecram too much into our schedules and then try to control everything we’re juggling.

Do what works for you. And don’t forget to enjoy yourself.

Focus on what’s more important about this season- relationships, family, cooperation.

If you’re hosting this year, don’t be afraid to delegate or order out.

Lighten your load and allow yourself a little more time for Hygge.

5| Whatever You Do, Get Some Good Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep will help decrease stress in your life and make you better equipped to deal with any unforeseen issues that come up!

Add essential oils to your sleep routine to help you get a good night of ZZZZZs.

Place a drop of Vetiver oil on the bottom of the feet, which is one of the most effective parts of your body to use oils on. Vetiver is known for its soothing and sedating properties making it a great choice for sleep.

Other oils that would help with sleep are frankincense, cedarwood, lavender and roman chamomile.

6| Don’t Forget About Your Self Care

Normally the first thing to go when we’re in the middle of a busy season is our self care habits.

That’s when we look after everyone else except ourselves.

Please don’t fall into this trap.

Remember to carve out some moments for yourself for your favourite self care activities. Whether it’s 5 minutes of meditation or your morning exercise, journaling or taking a bath, reserve this sacred time to refuel and reenergise.

Do what feels good and right for you.

Your Turn

I challenge you to do things differently this December.

Pause and approach the Festive season mindfully and with a clear intention to fully celebrate the joys that come with the Holidays.

Let me know what step you’re going to take from this list towards being more hyggelist this December. Or share your own ideas in the comments below.