Are You Due For A Digital Detox? {and 2 practical tips to unplug}

For the month of September, I did something that I considered bold.

For a whole month, I decided to not to post anything on social media. 

Creating content, in as much as it's a fun and creative outlet for me, had become a bit overwhelming.

I used this time out to observe how I felt- noticing the effects of this self imposed digital detox on my mood, creativity, productivity, and general well-being.

With no pressure of taking photos for Instagram, I felt lighter. I was free to focus on my US adventure and other beautiful moments that happened in between.

I did realize though, how attached I am to my social media feed.

It was difficult for me to lay off my phone.  Although I wasn't posting, I still found myself scrolling and continuously checking. #FOMO is real, my friends.

I was afraid that if I didn't keep up with my posts, I would lose some of my followers. And lose some I did. But with that loss came the reality that it's not about the likes or follows, but sharing from an authentic space. 
I'm back online now, refreshed and replenished with a lot more ideas to share. 

I am redefining my relationship with social media.

As a creative, I need solitude but also visibility on what I do.
As an introvert , I favour my alone time but also connection, meaningful conversations and positivity. I long to share what I know, and also to be inspired and keep learning.

It’s all about balance.


Here are 2 practical self care tips when we feel overwhelmed by social media:

1| Unfollow all those accounts that make us feel drained, imperfect, not-well-put-together, falling behind. You can choose who to follow (and unfollow). If you find yourself annoyed or frustrated daily with something on your timeline, you can always eliminate the source.

2| Allot times for social media. Don’t make social media the first thing you see when you wake up or the last thing before you retire for the day. You might also want to consider turning off notifications. You don’t have to be in the know all the time.

Have you done a digital detox before ? What was your experience like?

Let me know in the comments