doTERRA DREAM Global Convention 2018

doterra dream

This September I got to hang out with some of my essential oil-loving friends and experience the dōTERRA DREAM Convention.

This is my second time attending dōTERRA's annual Convention and, it did NOT disappoint.

With over 35,000 attendees, science forums, special keynote speakers, musical performances, and a massive product showcase, it was quite something.

Trying to compress a week's worth of learning and experiences into one blog post was a challenge...but I finally have got round to doing it, sharing my favourite moments from the week.

1| An Amazing Speaker Line Up


hugh 1

Hugh Jackman

Getting to hear @thehughjackman perform and speak live felt like a true privilege.

👌🏾He is a brilliant performer and it was lovely to sing along to The Greatest Show with him.

🙌🏾 He also uses doTERRA products and his favorite is frankincense.

👌🏾He is a man full of heart. Please look for Dukale’s Dream to understand the humanitarian work he’s doing with fair trade coffee. In his words ‘Good Business Is Good For Everyone.’

We look at ‘celebrities’, admire or hate on them from afar but the truth is, they work very hard and dream harder to make their lifestyles a reality for themselves. We imagine that celebrities have it easy, but after his talk, I realized maybe they just work harder than most of us.  If we went through many of their stories and the price they’ve paid to get to where they are, many of us would have quit. #iknowiwould #respect

Here’s a tip from Hugh on making your dreams come true:: every evening before you go to bed, make it a point to visualize your greatest desires. Feel them. See them. Taste them. Hear them. And then be prepared to take action and do whatever you need to do in order to make it happen.

Either Believe In Your Dream Fully Or Step Away.



Immaculee Ilibagiza

This woman @ilibagizaimmaculee was one of the speakers at Convention. Listening to her shifted everything for me. For the first time in a long time, I got it. She had me in tears as I listened to her recount her story and the 91 defining days that altered her life and created her story, one she eloquently shared on her memoirs Left To Tell.

Love. Kindness. Compassion.

It takes God’s grace to forgive and hug the man who murdered your whole family. Yet that very grace is available to each one of us.

We have a responsibility to do better because we know better. You’ll be surprised to find that for some people, they act the way they do because they really don’t know.

And most importantly, there are still many good people on this earth.

May our stories, our challenges and tribulations serve as a light for others and draw us closer to our true nature.


2| The Global Botanical Network

global botanical network


doTERRA sources its oils from around 40 different countries around the world. The Founders’ commitment to doing the greatest amount of good by growing the best and helping the most.

While the temptation for a company as large as doTERRA may be to buy large plots of land and mass produce oils, doTERRA places great value on the expert knowledge of local farmers—many of whom have nurtured essential oil plants for generations.

It’s amazing to trace the source of all our beautiful oils and to see these lovely men and women, many of whom are carrying on long held family traditions and businesses step across the stage.

So the next time you use a doTERRA essential oil, remember where it has come from. The story behind the oils. The families you have supported.

source map

3| The Science

It’s incredible to me to understand how much doTERRA continues to have more supporting data and research to offer the worlds best essential oils.  Listening to Dr. Hill explain the amazing qualities of the new oils and new products made for a fascinating lesson. I never once thought that I’d be interested in the chemical profiles of anything but I know now that understanding the unique chemical composition of the oil helps in getting the most value from the oil.

For example, we learnt that magnolia essential oil has the highest concentration of linaalol as experienced in floral oils. This means it is well suited to help the body relax and calm down.

A major point that came up was that when the chemistry is inconsistent in its ratios, there is inconsistency in benefit.

Chemistry is always fun when you are trying to understand the chemical profile of an essential oil and how that works therapeutically with the body systems to ensure optimum health.


4| The Healing Hands Foundation

If ever there was a moment during Convention that had me in tears, it was listening to the stories from Operation Under Ground and Days For Girls.

You can support the work of the Healing Hands Foundation by purchasing a bottle of doTERRA’s Hope Touch blend or the doTERRA Spa Rose Hand Lotion, whose total proceeds go directly towards the Foundation.

5| Revolutionizing Healthcare

It’s pretty obvious that the current healthcare system around the world is just not working. Out-of-pocket costs are rising and accessing quality care in a timely manner is increasingly difficult for many people.

dōTERRA is leading an innovative movement in healthcare in which medical providers take an integrative approach to keep their patients healthy and thriving. Proven methods of healthcare delivery - including traditional western methods, essential oil treatment, and wellness services - are utilized in an effort to prevent disease and maintain optimal health.

Direct primary care means that true change can occur in healthcare and oils will become a primary part of health care. The initial clinics will open up in the US and the clinics will function as an introduction to essential oils for many people. As more doctors start to embrace essential oils as a legitimate form of health care, this grows the credibility of essential oils.

It is exciting to see how dōTERRA is trying to help integrative healthcare become more accessible and mainstream.

Learn more about dōTERRA's Healthcare initiative here!


5| My Community Is My Abundance

team photo

Find your tribe and love them hard.

One of the perks of doing my doTERRA business is the community I am surrounded by. In @jessewaetford ’s words, ‘ My community is my abundance.’

I’m so blessed to have found mine.
It took a while to see the blessing that is my team but we truly are a diverse group of gals, from all over the world, United by our love for essential oils.
These women have been instrumental in my education and interest in doTERRA as a business.
They are my teachers, my cheerleaders and my sisters.

One of the perks is becoming a leader in my doTERRA business is that I get to create my community. I’m determined to grow a loving tribe and a Wellness Circle of people dedicated and committed to empowered healthcare.

6| The New Products    



This is always one of the best moments for me, especially when my guesses are 90 % accurate.

A summary of the new products produced are as follows.

+ Pink pepper essential oil is now permanent. And best of all, it’s sourced from Kenya. You can read about some of my thoughts about this particular oil here.
+ Geeen mandarin is also now a permanent feature. This oil is taken from the unripe fruit which would normally be thrown away as waste.
+ Magnolia Touch, which is my new favourite fragrance and that is sourced from China.
+ The Children’s Line With 6 specially formulated blends to aid our littles’ hearts, bodies and minds
+ Turmeric sourced from India and which promises to be a great addition to any essential oil collection.
+ Copaiba soft gels consisting of copaiba essential oil in a capsule, making it easier to ingest.
+ An au naturale deodorant scented with Doterra’s signature Balance Grounding Blend
+ On Guard mouth wash that tastes so yummy and is alcohol free
+ The body mist that’s scented with doTERRA’s proprietary Beautiful blend
+ YarrowPom, a nutritive duo of yarrow essential oil and pomegranate seed oil

I can’t decide which one of all these products is my favorite, but stay tuned for more updates and reviews and uses.

But you can snag yourself the Dream Convention Kit at 230 USD, which is a mega deal (bc it retails at 360 USD) and get yourself a trio of citrus oils free- red mandarin, kumquat and clementine AND a free car diffuser.

7| Celebrating Leaders

Talk about celebrating leadership..I was prividiledged to attend this year’s Gala Celebration.

I also witnessed one of our own walk the stage as a new Gold Leader.

That moment is a celebration of hard work and dedication to the business.

I count both as an exercise in visualisation.

Attending this year’s 10th Anniversary celebration was both a gift to myself from my business and my gift to my business.

If you ever get the chance to attend a doTERRA Convention, take it and go!

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