You Didn't Go To America To Cry {Part 4}

 The All Grown Up Edition

This is a four part blog series that will detail out the lessons I learnt during my first solo trip to America.

{The title is inspired by my sister, whom I reached out to in a moment of overwhelm and panic. Sometimes it takes a little tough love to get your head back on straight.}

In case you missed Part 1, have a read on how cab drivers’ everyday stories created food for thought.

Part 2 delves into the power of kindness and miracles.

For Part 3, I dissect the lessons and Ahas from what took me to the US in the first place- the doTERRA Global Convention and why I am so inspired after that to go all the way with this particular brand of essential oils.

This last part is all about me- growing up really fast in the span of 10 days.

all grownup

1| On Travelling Solo

This is the first time in my life that I have travelled by myself as Bree. I have always been in the company of a group when I have been to Europe or South Africa or Ecuador. On one hand, I realize I have been blessed to travel to different countries at different times with different people, creating many memories.

Travelling alone is a whole different story. This experience for me was baptism by fire.  I had my luggage left behind for the first time in my travel history. I had to learn to be confident in my inner skills to navigate my way through the busyness of airports and the strangeness of new places. I did enjoy the airport hopping and was able to make my way through no fuss in all instances.

I learnt that the most valuable repertoire of skills to have is that of observation, noticing and asking.  Ask for help when you are stuck. Don't be afraid to talk to strangers- but do so with a calm and convicted heart {yes, there are also bad people on the loose.} Look around and take note of important buildings or sights that will help you chart unknown territories. If things come to a head, cry if you must and then move on.

I was also very grateful for advancements in Internet and technology that made it possible to reach out to my family and friends and still not feel so far away. Once upon a time many years ago, that was just a dream.

2| On Being An Inspiration To Others

Many of the people I met along the way were surprised that I took this trip all by myself. I honestly did not for one moment think it was much of a big deal.  It may be that I was not acknowledging the bigness of this feat. Gay Hendricks has a really beautiful name for it- The Art of Deflection. Once I caught myself, I realized that rather than downplay that great achievement, I needed to celebrate it. I mean, yes, who leaves their country to take a 30-hour flight across seas and time lines- just for a Convention.  I have done it before, when I took all my life savings and poured it into a one month exchange program in France- an experience that continues to stay with me to date.

It wasn't until my new friend Kathy mentioned that I had inspired her to step out of her comfort zone that I fully understood how my own experience can be a catalyst, a blessing and an inspiration to other people.

In the same way that a couple of people I know have marveled over my passion with the essential oils, I have a bigger dream and vision that I am working towards. Yet, such acts as packing up and putting everything I have got on the line to make this happen deserves to be celebrated. Maybe my actions show someone that it is possible to live a life based on passion and doing what you love.

This trip taught me that it is OK to be an inspiration to other people. I don’t set out to inspire people. My intention is to live out my purpose. The rest is a bonus. By stepping up, I challenge myself to go beyond what I thought was possible for me.

If in the process I am able to inspire one person to live out the fullest expression of their best life, then that is more than enough reward for me.

3| On Dreams Coming True

I spent my 30th birthday in a foreign country- just like I had wanted.  I got to enjoy some quiet moments of contemplation as I realized that I am more intrigued by becoming more of who I am meant to be than by pomp and loud noise.

I fulfilled a childhood dream of going to the U.S.

At the beginning of the year, I was clear about going for Convention. It seemed impossible until one evening in July when it became a reality.

Rose, jasmine and neroli essential oils were officially released as new and permanent products in the doTERRA line up. I got to visit the doTERRA Campus and got to experience first hand for myself what goes into the production of these beautiful bottles.

I also recorded my first Facebook Live posting and it was a fun experience, which has opened the doorway to the next phase of my project. I learnt that I can do just about anything I set my mind on.  I also realized I was afraid of dreaming really big and expansive just in case I happened to achieve my goals. Now, I know that everything is figure-outable.

4| On Being Inspired

One of my highlights was watching the Silvers and Golds walk the Leadership Stage on Saturday. I was moved to the extent of goose bumps all over my body, especially when a senior citizen made her way across on her walker- supported by her family. That was a big wake up call for me. If she could do it, who was I not to dream bigger and dare to try, and perhaps- gasp- even win?

As a result of this, I am inspired to try new things more often and to step out of my comfort zone.

America gave me many gifts- which I hope to share with the world as the time becomes right.


Have you been travelled of late? What are some of the biggest lessons you've drawn from them?

Feel free to share in the comments below.



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