You Didn't Go To America To Cry {Part 3}


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Part 3: The Learning Edition

This is a four part blog series that will detail out the lessons I learnt during my first solo trip to America.

{The title is inspired by my sister, whom I reached out to in a moment of overwhelm and panic. Sometimes it takes a little tough love to get your head back on straight.}

In case you missed Part 1, have a read on how cab drivers’ everyday stories created food for thought. Part 2 delves into the power of kindness and miracles. For Part 3, I dissect the lessons and Ahas from what took me to the US in the first place- the doTERRA Global Convention and why I am so inspired after that to go all the way with this particular brand of essential oils.

I am an oiler. I love using essential oils and over the past 2 years almost, I have grown in leaps and bounds- understanding how to incorporate these little gems into my everyday experience. {You can read up here on what I like to refer to as God’s answer to my prayers and how I got involved with doTERRA in the first place here.}

As part of my back story, the original call for tickets was sold out until one day in late July when an opening turned up. I couldn't believe my good luck and started the whirlwind prep. including prior calls with Lisa and Facebook chats with Kara and Tiffany.

I was really going to the US. It’s been a dream of mine since childhood. It was quite a surprise that my first point of entry to this country would be through doTERRA. I had always thought it would be different, but I am not complaining.

The four days or so at Convention were a pivotal moment for me to really get into the heart and soul of doTERRA- instances that have changed my view of my role as an advocate for natural wellness.



1| I Am Not Alone

I was one of over 30,000 people who attended the Convention from all over the world.  That was overwhelming on so many levels but also inspiring because that is just a small percentage of the over 5 million people around the globe who use this oils. Surely, all these people cannot be wrong in their judgment of a product. It is good to see that these oils have found their way all around the world. That was one of the reasons I opted for doTERRA in the first place- they made it possible for me, through the Global Access Country program, to be able to experience these oils. It was definitely a big surprise for many people that doTERRA oils are in use all the way in Kenya. I am grateful for all the men and women in Nairobi who opted to try out these oils with me. My community of oilers here are the best- and they probably get more excited than I do about them! I definitely feel very blessed to be leading a radical outlook to healthcare and self care in Nairobi.

2| Stick With A Company That Values Quality And Process

Convention was a moment of getting educated on the products.  The science of essential oils is a beautiful art and learning about it from the experts piqued my curiosity. I was even more excited because of the new products unveiled- including some that have been part of my wishlist for years now. I felt superbly validated by the universe when on the grand occasion of my first convention; rose, neroli and jasmine touch were unveiled. Beginners’ luck that!  

Listening to the Executive Founders' stories and experiences with the oils and how honest they were as they shared their great individual and collective passion for this divine mission was a moving experience for me. As they shared the greater vision for the Company to have essential oils in each home, I realized that it was something I could relate to personally. 

Another facet that moved me was the Healing Hands Foundation and the work that doTERRA does supporting impoverished communities. Fair trade is a big deal for me and I want to know that where I am investing my money is benefitting everyone involved. It was interesting to discover that there is a doTERRA farm in Kenya and a co-impact sourcing project ongoing as well. {You can read up a bit more about doTERRA's sourcing here. It makes for fascinating stuff, I kid you not.}

The amount of care and precision that goes into product development is beyond this world. I was blessed to take a tour around the Campus- which is something that I had set my eyes on for a long time. Walking through the production plant, seeing the human chain that makes sure each bottle is as is was an almost therapeutic experience for me.  I am happy to note that doTERRA pulls out ALL the stops to ensure quality.

I want to know that when I am recommending products to my family and friends, whom I expect to do the same, they are 100% guaranteed to be pure. I got that assurance when I visited the Campus and I am more than confident when I share about these oils that everyone is getting the best there is.

3| Redefining My Role As A Wellness Advocate

From this experience, I realized what a great honor it is to refer to myself as a doTERRA Wellness Advocate. It’s something I have known but have never taken it to much to heart. Neither did I understand what it really means to me until I got to attend that first Convention.

I am part of a health care movement that allows and empowers people to support their wellbeing naturally. I feel that essential oils allows me the grace to do exactly that.

Over the past one year, I have dedicated myself to sharing what I am learning on my Instagram page. After this, I am inspired to take my sharing a notch higher.  I am taking it to videos on Facebook where I am debuting my spOIL yourself with Bree mini video series to share what I know and love about essential oils.

My name is Brendah, and I am a doTERRA Wellness Advocate.

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