You Didn't Go To America To Cry {Part 2}

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The Miracle And Kindness Edition

This is a four part blog series that will detail out the lessons I learnt during my first solo trip to America.

The title is inspired by my sister, whom I reached out to in a moment of overwhelm and panic. Sometimes it takes a little tough love to get your head back on straight.

Read Part 1 here , where I share how cab drivers’ everyday stories created food for thought- a reminder that everyone has a story. 


“In a very real and tender way, the practice of generosity points to the profound truth of our interconnection with others and the world in which we live.”
— Bari Tesler, The Art Of Money


Being a stranger in a new country with no idea where to go or what to do is quite much to take in.  The great sense of overwhelm I felt for the first few days is a feeling that will probably take me a while to get over.  It was interesting to me that everything in America is mostly big- big cars, big roads, {sometimes} big people and big supermarkets with way too much offering in terms of choices. It was definitely a lot for me to take in. I had a few moments of panic and got to understand what a state of overwhelm felt like in my body- tightness in my chest, losing my voice literally, feeling small and being frozen in time and space.

However, in all those moments, I learnt that God truly does answer prayers when you reach out. I was never alone. I felt myself engulfed by strong energies of kindness and miracles. Every time that someone smiled at me, said hello or struck up a conversation with me- curious as to where I came from- those were the moments that massaged my soul and gave me reason to feel a little bit more at ease.

My doTERRA Global convention experience was in my view, miraculously orchestrated by the Universe. At one point tickets had sold out and I got on the wait list. Until one day in July, the tickets suddenly became available. I was marveling with one of my newly made friends at how it would appear that the essential oil path chose me. My story begins with a deliberate declaration to the universe and the results have definitely been magic. All the while, while preparing to come to the US, I did get amazing support online from both my team mates and a group of phenomenal ladies who came together via Facebook.

At Dallas Airport, I remember two men in particular. One, an agent with the Transport Safety Authority who took time out to check in with how I was doing. Seeing as my luggage had been left at Heathrow, I was obviously distressed. His insistence to know why I was crestfallen and his assurance that everything was going to be alright helped me calm down and breath.

My next miracle was in the form of my flight mate- Mr. Rogers. We barely spoke until we got to Salt Lake. He kindly offered to drop me to my hotel and gave me a quick lesson on the City- covering everything from history to behavior and places to see. It came as a welcome relief because in my heart, I was wondering how I was going to navigate my way from the Airport to where I was staying. He left only once he had been assured that I was in safe hands. He reminded me a lot of my late grandfather- the caring way with which he made me his business. The best part of all this was that I wasn’t scared or apprehensive.

On Tuesday, I was supposed to meet up with two ladies to go for a certain workshop. We ended up missing one another. I could end up blaming myself for not having googled my way earlier because if I had, I would have seen that the Expo Centre was a few minutes away from where I was.  It would have made my life easier. That was actually the day I broke down and allowed everything to come tumbling down.  The workshop ended up being one of the best experiences of my entire stay there. I met the loveliest lady who graciously allowed me to smell her rose and jasmine essential oils. This was definitely a big deal for me because those are my absolute favorite oils in the world, which are pretty expensive and are available only during certain times. She even let me put on some jasmine drops on my wrist. I couldn't resist smelling myself- almost pinching myself at my amazing luck. If nothing else, at least I could say that I had smelt my dream oils. {Thankfully, jasmine and rose are now available full time in a roll on blend. Another answered prayer}

After such an evening, drama started when it was time to get back to the hotel. I said a prayer. To be honest, I thought to myself that perhaps I would find the ladies- by chance- or someone would be going my direction. Didn’t God have one in store for me! My miracle came in the form of a lovely old lady born in 1945 and married to a German. Her name is Camille. She is my proof that God answers prayers just as I am hers. She needed a charger for her phone to call her taxi and I needed a ride home. We sat together, shared stories for about 2 hours as her phone charged and basically had a good time. I have a soft spot for older people and with Camille it was no different. She is smart, funny and a real joy to hang around. After all was said and done, our taxi ride was one that was full of laughter and connection and getting to know one another better.

I will also send a shout out to my friend Nabiha who gifted me the most beautiful Saturday night out at a hot spring, complete with a one-hour drive to and fro and a visit to the Capitol at night. It was a special treat for me that I really hadn’t planned on. My team ladies went out of their way to make sure I was well taken care of and were always willing to listen to me and support me. I am looking forward to hanging out with everyone again next year!

My biggest moment of kindness was during a quick shopping trip at Walmart. At check out my card was denied and I didn't have enough cash on hand to make the full purchase. I felt a flush of embarrassment wash through me as I knew I was keeping the line from moving.  As I was trying to figure out what things to return, the man behind me asked me how much I was short of.  Here he was offering to pay for my shopping. It wasn't just him but the whole group of people behind me. I could have wept and wailed there and then, but I quietly said my thank you and left. During the walk home, I allowed myself to cry tears of gratitude and disbelief. On that particular day, it was my birthday. I couldn't have asked for a better gift than the kindness that these people- who knew nothing about me- had freely shared with me. Unknown to them, they inspired my greatest take away from the US.

All these little incidences cumulatively have inspired me to be more generous. During Convention, one of the speakers shared that she tries to do one kind act everyday. I couldn't quite relate. At least I didn't think so. After the profundity of what I experienced sat with me deeply for a while, I now feel as if it is my sacred duty to extend the same loving kindness that was extended to me to others. 

Lord knows the world could use more kindness. After all, we never know how our actions will greatly impact another person’s day.


Has anyone ever done a kind act that moved you?

How do you practice kindness on an everyday basis? 

Please share your best stories and tips in the comments below.


p.s: if you were moved by this piece of my heart. please feel free to share with your tribe. Let's shine the light of kindness