6 Gifts Of Transitions


Today as I posted this image on Instagram, as I captioned it, I had a lot of thoughts running through my mind.

The last 2 weeks qualify to be one of the hardest ever I have gone through because all of a sudden, I find myself thrust into that space of the unknown.

I have gone through the phases but now I am happier and more welcoming of the change that awaits me in the in-between.


1| The Gift Of New Beginnings

I don't think I have ever been this excited about a new beginning - especially when it has come at such an auspicious time- during the solar eclipse and at the turn of a new decade of life for me.

I am determined to curate this phase of my life in a way that resonates with my soul and that is aligned with my heart.

I realized that if I had stayed on or held on longer than was necessary, I would have been stagnating.

‘Don’t linger’ is the way my friend so beautifully summarized this feeling for me.


2| The Gift of Evolution

The upside of learning more about yourself is that you have an opportunity to evolve.

I am obviously not the same person I was 5 years ago and it is amazing to pick up on the gains I have made over time and apply them to this situation.

I am scared but I am also full of faith.

I am coming to see that more than being a human being made out of flesh and bones, I am made of grit, determination, character, faith and resilience.

I am amazed at how resourceful and quick thinking I am. This is something my sister agrees with me. I am impressed at how fast my goals are shifting.

It is during times of apparent hardship that you are able to see who you truly are.

I went through a comment thread on Instagram where people were being asked to share the greatest lessons they have learnt over the summer. The answers, seemingly different, all had one thread in common- most people had grown through the summer. That growth and evolution is an important next step in our human journeys.


3| The Gift of Elimination

As I shed back layers of myself, carefully going through every thing I owned from the past, I am forced to determine if it is aligned with my overall view of myself.

I am ready to let go of friendships and relationships that were mostly for that season of my life with no hard feelings.

I am ready to delete old files in order to free up space on my laptop.

I am ready to let go of clothes that were meant for a particular outlay and move on to one that is more representative of who I am now- a woman who has been given the freedom to curate life on a totally different path.


4| The Gift Of Gratitude

As I type this out, I am seated in a café- enjoying the views of people walking past, beautiful music playing in the background, giving thanks for an opportunity like this one to sit and decide how I want to use my time.

I have been reflecting on my life over the past 5 years and God knows, I have a lot to be thankful for.

I have created experiences, tried out new ideas, pushed the envelope, learnt how to deal with all kinds of people and I hope, in my own way, made the lives of those who interacted with me during this period a bit better.

I am grateful for this period of uncertainty because through it I have come up with more ideas than I ever did before. Whereas these were probably once dreams, I am excited to see them through to fruition.

I am grateful that I have various tools at my disposal learned over the course of several years, to navigate through this period.


5| The Gift Of Self Care

Self care has always been a big deal for me and now more than ever, I find it necessary to treat myself better and with the utmost respect.

My essential oils are being diffused more often.

I am taking a bit more time soaking in luxurious bath times and anointing my body with handmade whipped body butters that I am creating with intention and love.

I am becoming more deliberate about the meals I take in.

I am including more rituals into my everyday. This will include drinking lemon-ginger-honey and other nourishing tonics, blasting smoothies and spending as much time as I can walking and taking in the dusk.

My journaling has taken off with greater zeal and I can feel my inspiration return after a great hiatus.

My yoga practice is also taking a bigger time slot so that I may centre myself and physically become stronger.

Through these small steps, I intend to treat myself well and use the resultant energy to lead a more productive and creative life.


6| The Gift Of One Step At A Time

I have no idea what the future holds for me.

Yet I am choosing to remain hopeful.

I am also choosing to do one thing at a time, one day at a time.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step and for me, that rings true every day.


Whoever you are, whatever transition you may be going through, may you find grace to navigate through the changes that come your way. You are stronger and more equipped than you know.


How are you handling your transitions phase? 

Is it something you have embraced or are you scared that you will not be able to navigate through

I would love to know your thoughts in the comments.

{ps: if this piece from my heart moved you, please feel free to pass it along to someone in your tribe who would need some encouragement.}