Harness The Power Of Flowers For Self Care

Who isn't moved by the pretty petals of blooms that surround us? 

I appreciate these beautiful offerings as a symbol that God and the Universe really care about beauty and elegance and grace.  I love flowers so much so that I have dedicated Fridays on my Instagram profile to sharing different arrangements and my thoughts about flowers.

Science continues to affirm that keeping flowers around can reduce anxiety and boost mood and creativity.  More than that however, I am a sucker for using all types of flowers in my everyday self care routine.



1| Create A Facial Cleanser

I love using ground dried flower petals and adding them to my basic facial cleanser.

Depending on my needs, I use dried rose petals to assist with loving myself better.

I use ground chamomile petals to assist in calming me down.

I grind lavender buds and add them when I want to add softness into my routine.

Here’s a simple way to make an everyday facial cleanser that is gentle on the skin and invigorating:

🌹Combine sandalwood powder or Fuller's earth powder with ground flower petals of your choice.

🌹Activate the powder with water, natural yoghurt, aloe vera juice or rose water. Mix both the powder with your liquid of choice into a smooth paste.

🌹 Apply as a mask on your face and allow to sit for 10 minutes.

🌹Rinse your face with warm water. Tone and moisturize as usual.

2| Make Flower Water

What is stronger than a herbal tea and gentler than an essential oil? A hydrosol aka flower water.

Making hydrosols is a fun and easy art form that you can craft using whatever is at hand. In my case I used lavender, rose petals and orange peels.

Use it as a body spritz, hair mist or facial toner. Since flower waters contain no alcohol, they leave skin feeling smooth, not dried out. Your skin, especially your face, will thank you for this great hydrating gift.

flower water


3| A Flower Petal Bath

This, according to me, is the ultimate in spoiling yourself. Rose petals have long been used  to detoxify and calm. The next time you have a batch of rose blooms that have wilted, instead of throwing them out, sprinkle a few handfuls of wilting petals in the water for a soothing bath.

You can also fill a drawstring muslin bag with flowers and place it over the tap so that hot water runs through the bag and creates a tea in the tub. Another way would be to make a large pot of tea using your floral bath blend and add that herbal infused liquid to the tub before getting in to soak. It's also less messier since you don't have flower petals all over.

A small note of caution: Cleaning up flower petals that are stuck all over the tub can be absolutely harrowing- and that's not exactly what you want after taking time to care for yourself so lovingly.


4| Floral Infused Body Oil

Floral infused oils make a decadent body moisturizer because they take on the scent and color of the natural oils found the petals. Most times, they help lock moisture into the skin, a much needed benefit at all times.

You can use any odorless carrier oil. My absolute favorite is grapeseed oil because I feel it is just the right amount of oiliness for my skin. I suggest olive oil and almond oil as alternatives.

🌹Make sure to use enough oil to completely submerge dried roses and store in a cool, dry place. Ensure you consistently check up on it. The longer the flowers stay in the oil, the more fragrant the resultant infusion.

🌹Treat yourself to a massage experience when you apply gently warmed infused oil onto damp skin straight after the shower. 



5| Floral Perfume

I never thought the day would come that I would stop wearing perfumes and fragrances in favor of essential oils. It has happened naturally as I have progressed in this essential oil journey. My favorites to wear are vetiver, sandalwood, orange, frankincense and sometimes helichrysum.

What I seem to love most is the waft of oil drifting up my nose at the most unexpected time as if to remind me of its presence and support. I add bits of lavender, fennel, chamomile, rose and jasmine to add a little 'extra' into my mixes.

Apply a drop or two on your pulse points (just like you would any perfume).

floral perfume

6| Pot Pourri

Making pot pourri is one of my fav past times. The best part about it? In addition to having total control over the scents I want, it's pretty simple to do and has the added advantage of being an all natural solution to keeping the air in your home fresh and pure.

All you need are dried flower petals, a pretty bowl or basket and a few drops of an essential oil combination that catches your fancy.

body butter

7| Homemade Floral Body Butter

Whipping your own body butter is as easy as abc

A: Choose your base butter: coconut butter, Shea butter or cocoa butter

B: If you prefer a lighter option, you may use high quality cold pressed oil such as almond, olive, safflower, sunflower, grape seed or avocado oil.

C: With your base in place, proceed to add essential oils, vanilla pods, lavender flowers or any other beneficial herbs.

Whip everything together and transfer to an airtight container. Enjoy the benefits of a homemade body moisturizer that does more than keep your skin soft and supple.

Some extra insights:

🌹Please take all necessary precaution to ensure that you are using non-sprayed flowers to avoid slathering yourself unintentionally with nasty chemicals. It definitely would defeat the purpose of using natural products:(

🌹Using flowers encourages you to develop a gentle and beautiful loving and caring attitude towards yourself. Choose your flowers according to your mood and needs, and allow their therapeutic nature to move you to a deeper level of self care.


Do you love flowers? How else do you use flowers in skincare?

Share in the comments below.

p.s: feel free to share this with the flower lovers in your tribe who would benefit from some tips to take their self care rituals to the next level.