Count Your Money, Honey

This blog post is not a new one. In fact I am marveling that after I first wrote it on another blog I had on 26th August 2015, it still feels as fresh now as it did back then.

{If you read the original post, please stick around because I will be adding a few tidbits learnt along the 2 years since.}

Cinderella was one lucky girl.  At least that’s what I thought when I was growing up. I desperately wanted to be her so that when the Prince found the missing glass slipper, it would be my perfect fit.

Fairy tales made being a girl feel like a pretty job- literally and figuratively. That’s the ideal I aspired to. My prince would come and whisk me away in a shining golden chariot, with mice turned into handsome men thrown in for good measure. It was a fool-proof plan: hurry up with the business of growing up, find the prince and live happily ever after.

Until I grew up.

I don’t know about you, but I have noticed I carry around a bit of emotional charge around money matters. Investing. Saving. Income. Expenditure. Giving.  I have become interested in my money.  That’s where I started.  Then I laid down all the numbers I could possibly think of.

This revised post is inspired by a series of events that forced me to pay attention to my money.

I have been doing my #52WeeksOfYou project here and Week 14 kept bringing up my numbers. Money. Accounts. Finances. My top 3 lessons from that week include:

1| Money And I Are In A Relationship

Like it or not, money and I are in a long lasting relationship. And so is each of us. It's important to regularly assess what that relationship looks like.

Is it turbulent? Calm? Full of trust or fear? 

Complete this one statement: When I think about my money, I feel ____________?

We all know that the secret to a healthy relationship is dedication, communication, commitment and consistent appreciation. 

Commit yourself to improving your relationship with money on all fronts, including how you speak to and about it plus your feelings around it.

2| How I Manage Money Is A Direct Reflection Of My Self Love

The biggest lesson I have learnt is that how I treat my money is a direct reflection of how I look after myself. It is, as I am coming to see, an important component of self care. I got this concept from Kate Northrup and it made a lot of sense.

Loving myself enough to make the right {spending, saving and } choices for me.

Living within my means as an affirmation of self -love by living abundantly and joyously.

Dedicating myself to learning about money so that I can serve from a place of true value and intrinsic self-worth.

Going the extra mile to understand that a financially savvy Bree is a more creative, enterprising and altogether more loving and attentive Bree.

3| Minding My Thoughts About Money

My mama always insisted on keeping track of where your pennies and notes went. It has a name- COUNTING. This exercise makes you aware of what you spend and what you get. The coffee you took. The shoes you bought. The commission you earned. All you need is a pocket notebook and a few minutes to write it all down.

I started this practice of counting my money for 5 minutes every day as a long standing date. The best part of this date has been observing and becoming aware of my thoughts and feelings as I interact with my money everyday. 

A woman needs to get smart about her numbers.

When you know you have money and you really enjoy spending it, but fail to make the connection, there is a problem.

When you cannot explain your numbers when you look at them, red flags should go off in your head.

When the thought of money keeps you awake at night, please do something.

Through counting, you are able to unpack your money stories. Your spending and earning habits will probably shock or scare you. But, it will help you develop a more trusting and conscious relationship with money.

Counting allows you to begin the conversation about your money with your money.

Moving Forward

✨What are some of your biggest ahas around your money?
✨Are you scared of it?                                                                                                                    ✨Are you embarrassed by what you don't know about it?
✨Do you know your numbers or are you most comfortable only when you use it?
✨Do you go out of your way to learn about money and wealth?

Whatever you do, please remember mice will always be mice and unlike the fairy tales, Prince Charming Isn’t Coming! 


What is it about money that scares you?

Do you have a handle on your numbers?

Let me know in the comments below.

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