Are You Open To Receiving?

giving and sunrise

The most interesting thing happened on Monday.

As it is with most Mondays, it was a cold dreary morning and I was sluggishly preparing to go to work.  Driving out, the gate had to be opened and in usual 'I am getting late' fashion, I impatiently flung open the car door. My mission was simple: I was going to open the gate.

Opening the gate for myself is not a big deal but on that particular Monday it suddenly was. 

I definitely had the Monday blues. I was feeling absolutely confrontational. 

I was almost ready to curse as I thought to myself how the watchman wanted me to be late.

He was making me late.

Please, I can open this gate for myself. I don't need them. Miss Independent.

As I continued to process all these thoughts that showed all the markings of ruining my day,  this guy- my neighbor- quickly said 'Excuse me' as he proceeded to run and open the gate for me. He put down his bucket and literally ran to open the gate for me. The watchman, who was also slightly far getting water, had eventually seen the scene and came running to open the gate.

And just like that I had not one but TWO guys running to open the gate for me.

Now, I almost missed that beautiful moment until I realized what a gift had been presented before me.

Gratitude stopped me quick on my tracks as I realized what I was doing. Here I was being gifted the gift of time and service by two men- no less- and I was almost letting it pass me by.

I allowed myself to feel and really accept the gifts that these 2 had shared with me.

It reminded me of a similar time when I was out driving and 2 men literally stopped at the same time at the junction to allow me to pass. I remember feeling special.  I remember smiling at myself. I remember continuing on my drive with a light heart and great joy.

Now, to the ordinary eye, it might seem like a small thing but that act of courtesy and permission really warmed my heart.

How often have we allowed the joy of the moment to depart from us because we are too busy grumbling and complaining to notice the gifts being bestowed to us?

As I reflected on both events, I am reminded that gifts will come at you in the most unlikeliest of ways and the oddest of places. All you need really is an open heart to receive.

Are there gifts that have come your way that you have brushed off?  A compliment, a kind act, a loving word? 

Bless the giver by being a graceful receiver.


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