You Don't Have To...


I have been thinking this week about the word MUST and the obligations and heaviness that comes with it.

Today's blog post is inspired by a journal prompt I had from my Morning Pages as I was thinking about what money means to me.

In not so many words, this is my list of "You Don't Have To's specially dedicated to those of us who feel burdened by unnecessary commitments and carrying around monkeys that don't belong to us.


You don't have to deprive yourself just because if you live a more comfortable life than your peers or your family, you will be betraying the collective way of doing things.

You don't have to fear standing out because of what they will say. Do you know who THEY are? Do THEY know who you are?

You don't have to hold back from speaking your mind because you are afraid you will offend someone. Speak your truth with kindness and gentleness.

You don't have to follow a straight path. Sometimes the curved road will lead you to greater adventure, immense growth and unexpected blessings.

You don't have to say YES to everything that is asked of you. Especially when you don't feel it. Particularly when your don't feel it.

You don't have to be afraid of yourself- the feelings, the dark sides that everybody says you should hide, the drama. The world needs ALL of you.

You don't have to pretend and blindly follow the crowd. Be your own person and reap the rewards for showing up as authentic.

You don't have to have it all together because that is the apparent sign of strength. Breaking down and rising up from the ashes are the true marks of courage and faith.

You don't have to do any of that.

Consider this permission to be who you need to be in order to grow into the best version of yourself.


Is there any parts of your life where you feel obligated to do or be?

What are the MUSTS and the SHOULDS that are weighing you down?

What is your don't have to moment?

p.s: please feel free to pass this  along to members of your tribe who would benefit from this friendly reminder.