The Lamu {Yoga Festival} Experience

After a bit of a lull in writing, I resume by sharing photos from what is arguably a highlight of my year- the Lamu Yoga Festival. 

Today's blog post is a bit of reminiscing about a beautiful week full of amazing people, classes, food and experiences. Allow me to indulge you in some of the lessons I picked up from being here.

1| Determine Your Symbol of Abundance

To constantly remain in a state of gratitude, acceptance and blessing, it is important to identify that thing that represents abundance to you. For me, the ocean and water has always been my symbol of abundance. 

Every minute spent in the water, walking by the golden sandy beach, miles and miles of clear blue sky and powerful breezes made me feel  blessed, supported and loved. It's difficult to feel lack when you are surrounded by the beautiful bounty of nature.

Try this: in your everyday, find a symbol that brings your focus back to richness. It could be a closet full of clothes or a well-made meal. Whatever it may be, run with that and go back to it when you need a pick me up.

sunrise in Lamu

2| Celebrate The Seemingly Small Things

For me, swinging on a hammock as I took my afternoon nap was a big deal. Being able to fully take in and experience the rays of the moon, uninterrupted by the artificial lights from buildings made for some very special nights. I also enjoyed having 2 perfectly served up pancakes for breakfast every morning- complete with a pot of spicy tea. Walking barefoot on the island - with the added and unexpected threat of running into a donkey- provided moments of great laughter.

Life is definitely more beautiful when we can direct our focus on the many small things that make our days great.  The 'small' aspects are what accumulate to give us one grand experience

Watch this video done my new friend from Lamu....she was able to capture 4 beautiful days of the Festival.

3| Try Something New

The beauty of the Lamu Yoga Festival is that there are numerous opportunities to try out new styles of yoga and flows. I got to try out Hatha Aromatherapy yoga as well as do Paddle board yoga for the 2nd time. For each of the classes that I attended, I picked up something that I have every intention of bringing back into my home practice.  I also got the great honor of hosting a workshop on essential oils- which was easily my best one yet. 

My key takeaway from all that is don't be frightened by what you don't know.  Keep an open mind and be prepared to be surprised.


forearm plank

4| The More Things Stay The Same, The More They Change

This was a big lesson for me.  One year ago, we met a captain who had a small speed boat. We were pleasantly surprised to find that he had bought a bigger boat within the year. Many of the places we left behind were still as we had left them. It made me wonder. A year is a long time but at the same time a very short one.
Think about what you would like to accomplish within your year and work towards making your dreams a reality. Never give up on your dreams and what you can achieve in a year!


Revisit my lessons learnt from Lamu last year

My Wellness Series was inspired in whole by the first Lamu Yoga Festival I ever attended.

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Let me know how your favorite place in the world inspires you to grow and be better.