I Can't Remain Silent Any More

And Neither Should You.

Is it just me or is there too much drama making its way around the four corners of the world?

From war zones to crazy executive orders away and a doctors' strike that has passed the 60 day mark, a biting water shortage, drought looming and accusations and counter-accusations of corruption much closer home.

I have had enough of the bad news. It makes my head ache and my heart threaten to stop.

The events of the last few months have me shaking my head in disbelief. It is especially difficult if you are an empath, who tends to assimilate other people's feelings as your own. It is for that reason that I rarely watch TV or catch up on the dailies.

There are certain buzzwords that have been coming up consistently in my circles over the last two weeks. Women. Voice. But SILENCE is the one word I want to focus on today.

Silence has long been applauded as a symbol of strength. The world salutes the quiet woman as having a certain type of strength. A silent woman who holds her thoughts in and keeps everything bottled up.

For me, at this very moment, silence represents apathy and fear. A fear of speaking out. A fear of challenging the status quo. A fear of being different. A fear of causing ripples and creating change.

SILENCE- a word that is holding so many of us hostage and threatening world peace.

In my moments of quietude, I have come to the conclusion that I cannot remain silent any more.

I cannot pretend to be immune to the ills going on around me.

I cannot act like I am not being affected, yet each new day that brings with it a different story stirs up anger and resentment in me.

The pain is forcing me to speak up.

What am I supposed to do? What can I do?

I am not blessed with the courage of activism but I cannot afford to keep quiet.

I have my social media. Forgive me if my posts will be heavily punctuated with undertones supporting causes that are close to my heart.

I have action. I choose to spread love and light where I go.

I can choose. I will not hesitate to remove my support from brands and ideals that I feel are not aligned with the basic principles of love and peace.

I write and I hope that my words will spread encouragement and love to those who need it most.

It's time for my voice to be heard.

Your Turn:

Are you feeling the heaviness in the air as the world tries to make sense of the ongoing madness?

Will you do or say something? What are you going to do about it?

If not, what is holding you back?


{p.s: if you were moved by this piece of my heart, please pass it along to your tribe.}