How To Know That You Know

I had a rather interesting conversation with one of my friends and he asked a question I found particularly interesting.

'How Do You Know That You Know?'

Of all the exercises that I have ever done, the most insightful one was when I polled 25 people to describe my top 5 qualities. The results were astounding- over 80% of them listed intuitive as tops. I was pleased no less because in as much as it comes naturally to me, I never give any thought to it. It has always been the way I have done things- at least most times.

All I know is that I know. 


At a time in our world that seems so crowded with so many voices, how then do you know that you really know?

Honestly, unapologetically, surely.

Without a doubt.

I believe that we were not put on this earth without being equipped to handle the challenges and joys of being here.

In this week's blog post, I share 4 of my very trusted ways of knowing- 'tools' that are easily available and accessible to each one of us.

1| Trust The Feeling

Feelings are the SI unit of knowing.

When confronted with an issue that you are not sure about, take a few minutes to go inwards and ask yourself what exactly you are feeling.

Sadly, feelings and emotions have gotten a bad wrap over the years and yet this is the first and most natural point of knowing.

Pay attention to your feelings, thoughts and emotions about something, people and situations. They are the perfect indication of your next step.

2| Pay Attention To Your First Reaction

You know, that very first uncensored reaction when you roll your eyes or click or light up.

I tend to roll my eyes when I am displeased or give a suspicious look when I am not fully convinced.  For a long time, I was uncomfortable with these off-the-cuff expressions but of late I have learnt how to use that to help me gauge how to move forward.

Please note that you will offend many people in the process who don't really understand what's going on and you might be required to develop a poker face.

Your first reaction is a gold mine.

3| What Is Your Body Saying?

A heavy feeling in the pit of your stomach. Cold fear. Doubt. Turning green with envy or blue in the face.

Perhaps a tightness in your chest.

Eyes lighting up.

Your body can help decide when something is a yes or no for you.

We often underestimate the power of body language.

Next time you have a major decision weighing in on you, check in with your body.

Are your cells a HELL YEAH or do you feel off and sluggish?

That's probably how I approach anything I do- I have to feel the yes in my body. It's a sure guarantee that I will enjoy doing it.

4| The Little Voice In Your Head

The little voice was put there for a purpose but most of the time, our thoughts are either too loud for us to hear the tiny whispers or we are too busy getting on with life to take note.

It could also be that sometimes we ignore the voice because it is so soft that we fail to hear it.

We don't believe because we expect God to talk to us in loud shouts and angry mutterings. 

Sometimes the tiny nudges and the gentle persuasions are our cues- only when we slow down long enough to catch them.

 How Do YOU Know That You Know?

I'd love to know in the comments below.