Business Lessons From Kylie Jenner


On the rare occasions that I do get to watch TV, I like watching reality shows mostly. I find them entertaining and sometimes inspiring.

My guilty pleasure is Keeping Up With The Kardashians {don't judge, I see you} because when you look past the shenanigans and popularity contest, this is one smart business savvy family led by the Momager herself, Kris Jenner.

But today I want to focus on Kylie, this 19 year old lass who has made quite the name for herself as a young CEO. During the episode I got to watch I found at least 4 lessons that can serve as a beautiful example to all entrepreneurs.

1| It’s OK to live out your dream

It turns out Kylie has always had a passion for make up and full lips- to the extent that she went and had her lips filled. What is most fascinating is that she has created a multi-billion dollar empire by concentrating on what she loves.

I wish I had this lesson back when I was a young girl myself. I grow up in a generation that believed that the best type of work to get you money was the white collar one- where you sat in an office, toiled away 25 years of your life and waited to benefit from your retirement fund. I originally wanted to be a pediatrician until life happened then I went to university and was educated to be a lawyer.

Along the years, my vision and definition of who I want to be has changed exponentially. Often times, it has looked nothing like what I imagined it to be.

Right now, I am a doTERRA wellness advocate, sharing my passion for natural living by empowering people to support their wellbeing naturally. I am also the curator and founder of my pride and joy where I am sharing with {primarily} female audience how to use sensuality, pleasure, beauty and self care to transform their everyday and ultimately live more holistic lives.

This hasn't always been this clear. What I do know is that I have always loved the herbs, the home, the kitchen and adventure. On many days I still feel like I am fumbling around. It's a bit difficult to explain to others exactly what I do for a living , especially when many people feel it is a waste.

The irony is when you ask someone what their ideal life would be like, most {if not a majority} will tell you a different story from what they are currently doing.

If we wait to live out our dreams some day in the future, that future may never come.

How’s about doing what sets your soul ablaze right now or at least finding ways to incorporate what you love doing into your current situation?

In case you are struggling to figure out what your dream is, perhaps this question from Gay Hendricks will help: Ask yourself and allow yourself to reflect and wonder on what it is you love to do. The answer might just surprise you.

2| Pay Attention To The Details

She is aware of each step of the production process and is personally involved and engaged in the design and naming process. It definitely is a plus to have a product that has your signature stamped all over it .

In this particular episode, Miss CEO was concerned about the number of fake lip kits that had permeated the market. She even drove herself out to get samples for verification.  That taking action and stepping out of her comfort zone showed that she cares about the integrity of her product and assures the millions of young girls who look up to her that she is keen to put out the best value.

In growing my own business and carving out my niche, I am acutely aware that my name and my values are on the line. I go every effort to practice what I preach and do a lot of the groundwork personally. It’s important to me as I continue to grow and evolve that the why that led me to start out on this journey remains true to heart.

3| On Acting Like A CEO

If you are the CEO of your company, act like a CEO and that includes keeping boundaries where need be and taking the hard calls.

Yes, we can be friends and family but when it comes to running a business, it is still a business.

It’s amazing that she has taken some big risks in defining the future of her brand including opening up her own Kylie brick-and-mortar store- leveraging on all the opportunities that have been made available to her.

I am coming to learn rather quickly that the entrepreneurial journey is one of the best ways to get a practical MBA and get honors in personal development. It requires strength, tenacity and consistent up-leveling in addition to handling challenges like a boss lady.

4| You Can Still Have A Big Heart

Part of her contributions from sales of her wildly successful lip kits went to support Operation Smile, that repairs cleft lips in children from under-privileged communities all over the world.

It is one thing to make money and quite another to use part of your money to contribute to causes you believe in and that support others.

It doesn't really have to be loud and audacious. It could be as simple as choosing to educate a bright needy student or volunteering your skills in a youth group centre. Each of us has something to give in our different capacities- including mentorship opportunities to people who can benefit from our insight.

Life is definitely is too short to keep wondering, trying to please everyone and giving two shakes of a duck’s tail what the rest of the world think of you. This is truer for entrepreneurs who are trying to find our place in the world. We have an opportunity to rewrite the rules of business and create a new paradigm that is both conscious and profitable.

At the end of the day, Do You.

Your Turn

Do you like reality TV? Any favorite lessons you have drawn from there?

Let me know in the comments below