Me,Too- And The Issues With Masculinity

me, too

In light of all the sexual harassment accusations by a number of women against movie mogul Harvey Weinsteincame a very revealing and interesting experiment by women for women. The challenge was simple: any woman who has ever been abused would update their status saying 'Me, Too' to bring awareness to the gravity of the situation.

This is my 'me, too' story. Granted, it's not as heartbreaking as the ones I have seen popping up in my feed but I think it's important not to discount all these experiences that make women cower in fear around men.

How many times have men whistled and made cat calls as I have passed? Then insist on small talk when I clearly have no intention? Any refusal or what is perceived as rejection is met by a volley of insults. Men who have made it uncomfortable for me to pass by certain places when I am dressed in a certain way for fear of being stripped down or ridiculed? It's a very real sense of insecurity and mistrust because you never know.

I remember instances where despite my many refusals, a certain person I know kept insisting. It was super uncomfortable because any time I met up with him, there would be sexual overtures and innuendos. Until I eventually decided to stop meeting with him.

My worst case was when once as a younger girl traveling by myself and I noticed this random guy with a coat. I could sense he was up to no good. When I looked up, he was masturbating right next to me. I was so repulsed and quickly moved away.

not braille

Those are the instances I can remember. I have heard and read so many stories that have broken my heart over the past few weeks. Especially where there is a relationship of trust in a person.

I feel that something is definitely wrong with masculinity today.


Women and the feminine is speaking out and catalyzing healing through the wounds that many of us have and continued to suffer- so that the collective may be free. 

But what about the men?

I love this description by Danielle La Porte:  Extreme masculinity describes the wounded masculine, the imbalanced masculine, the self entitled masculine, the pillaging masculine, the insensitive masculine, the warring masculine. The masculine psyche that is so extremely out of balance with its magnificent qualities that it exploits and rapes humans and resources.

No other words could describe this phenomenon better. Too many men and boys are carrying around wounds borne out of insecurity, pressure and fear.

There is a desperate cry for men to heal. The women in their lives can only help them so much. Men must also be willing to step up into their more feminine characteristics and allow themselves to heal.

I wonder how many men would admit to harassing women in any form and come out and ask for forgiveness?

The masculine pysche is in shambles and it's in need of some serious healing.

The light work is for all of us- men and women, but at this time, it's mostly on the men to step up.

Accept they need healing too and starting taking some radical steps towards that shift.


Your Turn

Today, I simply would like to know what your thoughts are- your uncensored, no holds barred feelings on such a grave and sensitive topic.

Let's spread the light and share some healing vibes through our words, stories and expressions.