Happy New Year and welcome to the first blog post of 2017.

I hope you all had a successful end to 2016. It was a big year in terms of personal, local and global transformation that I feel was a wake up call for all of us to come back to our values and interrogate some of the assumptions we held dear. I was going to do a year in review blog post but I did get caught up with the holidays.  

For a long time, my way of approaching the New Year was to write out a list of what I thought I wanted to achieve at that time, It's still the same this year only that now my list is guided by some rather interesting concepts. 

1| Make ReSOULutions {Not Resolutions}

ReSOULutions is about making decisions, choices and goals that are aligned with your heart's deepest desires and your soul's yearnings. It is a deep and honest evaluation of the why behind the what. For me, 2017 is the year to really pay attention to my feelings and emotions around everything I do.

p.s: if you are looking for some  are looking for some guidance on this, I highly recommend you check out www.daniellelaporte.com. Danielle is onto a good thing with her Desire Mapping exercises. 

2| Choose Your Buzz Word

Closely linked to this is the 'word[s] of the year.' I love this because I did notice that there were some words that have been on repeat as I journal or reflect quietly by myself. Words like trust, pleasure, self care and boundaries have been on my radar. Sit with yourself for some quiet time and listen. Pay attention to your thoughts after your conversations and interactions. Are there some words that keep popping up in random situations? There is a reason why. 

3| What Will You Manifest This Year?

I did this fun exercise that was doing rounds on Facebook called 'What will you manifest this year?' and my screenshot revealed a stronger intuition. Now I am not one to pay much attention to such games, but this one struck me as particularly profound. I have always operated on feelings and intuition. I believe that God truly speaks to us through the silent knowings present in our hearts, We are the ones who choose to ignore. My prayer is that I will have the courage and faith to act on my intuition. It is relatively easy to know as your intuition is founded on love and truth. 



In 2016, I set out to do #aphotoaday in a bid to celebrate beauty and embrace pleasure in my everyday. I am now on day 199 and it has been an amazing experience of learning and connection. I had no idea how that would happen but so far, I have held up just fine.

One thing I tried to do often in 2016 was practice self care on a regular basis. It honestly changed the trajectory of how I view myself because it taught me how to love me better. I have said it before that you cannot serve from an empty vessel. That is the foundation of my life's work which revolves around self care and self love. For 2017, I am consciously putting me on top of my priority list.

#52WeeksOfYou is a yearlong  series of small, deliberate and thoughtful choices where you are taking action  every week in support of YOU.

A positive word to nurture your soul and affirm your love for YOU this year.

There is no right or wrong way to do this.

You only need to commit through 2017.

One action once a week. Whatever feels good and true to you, however big or small.

I will share my own weekly updates on how that is going and I hope it will inspire you to take an action on your own behalf. This week's prompt is more of a journaling and reflecting exercise.

How did you look after yourself in 2016? Celebrating the efforts you made in the past year will motivate you to start your year strong and put in more effort.

What are your intentions and desires around putting yourself first in 2017? What will it look like? How would you want to feel? Putting words and emotions on our deepest desires gives it the weight to propel us forward.

Start your List of 52- a rough draft of ideas about some of the things you would like to do for yourself over the next 52 weeks. This will help you quickly think through possible activities the you could begin to schedule into your weekly diary.  

Make 2017 the year of YOU

I am extending the invitation to you to join me in this journey of making YOU your top priority.

If you need someone to be your accountability buddy or cheer leader or you need some ideas, reach out to me at bree@theorgasmiclifestyle.com

Want a place to start? Learn how you can incorporate pleasure into your everyday here.