4 Ways To Keep Your Dieting Resolutions This Year

The one resolution that many of us make come January is to lose weight, especially after indulging during the Holiday season.

Be Your Slimmest Self Yet.

Lose The Extra Pounds. 

Shed The Weight.


I do not necessarily subscribe to dieting. I do, however,  advocate for empowered choices that support your body to support you in your efforts towards optimum wellbeing. There are everyday choices that we can incorporate to enhance conscious eating.

Our bodies are wired to look after themselves if we treat them well and it is my hope that the 4 tips I am sharing below will help you re-examine your relationship with food.

This blog post was inspired in a lot of ways by a conversation I had with my friend Kim on all matters eating right. Kim, this one is for you:)

1| Listen To Your Body

Pay attention to your body. This is the one key that unlocks all else.

Listen to the clues. How do you react to certain foods? What makes you bloated?

Which foods make you feel good about yourself?

Which ones bring about discomfort?

Listen to your cravings.

What is your relationship with your body like? Are you grateful for what it does for you or are you constantly berating it for not being strong enough or thin some more? Heal your relationship with this vessel by being gentle and kinder towards it.

If we pay attention, the body will let us know what it needs.

2| Eat ONLY When You Are Hungry

This is definitely a toughie.

After months of observing my food patterns, I have noticed that hunger pangs look like an uncomfortable gnawing away at my stomach- almost like a scratch if you will. And a big scream which I proudly voice as 'I am hungry.'

I know for me that every month, during Weeks 1 and 2 I have more control over what I choose to eat. I can easily manage on 3 meals per day. I am faithful with drinking my water. Over weeks 3 and 4 I am ten times likelier to be more hungry. I start asking for something to eat almost as soon as I have had breakfast. It is also the time when I will go all out with bad eating, craving sweets and fried foods.

Sometimes, we actually confuse dehydration and thirst for hunger.

Eat at peak times.  Your digestion is at its peak at noon and at its lowest in the evening.

Breakfast like a king. Lunch like a lord. Sup like a pauper.

Check out The Wellness Series to read more about eating better.

3| Let Eating Time Be Eating Time

Set aside a definite time to eat and EAT only.

Multi-tasking during meal time is overrated. Watching TV and working distracts you from the main purpose [refer to tips 1 and 2 above.]

Chew your food, enjoy the experience and be mindful of each mouthful.

Conscious eating involves savoring and taking delight in the eating experience.

That way, you are able to better manage your portions and you can actually stop when you need to.

4| Everything In Moderation

I have a sweet tooth and I love chocolate.

Some people I know enjoy roast meat.

Part of a healthy diet is enjoying the different tastes and textures- but in moderation.

A glass of red wine occasionally? Sure, indulge yourself.

A pack of chips once in a while? Yes please.

It seems like every once in a while something is made to look bad. 

Avocados are bad. Milk is bad. Sugar is definitely worse. Carbs are the worst.

Without belittling the genuine intolerances, your body needs ALL the food groups in order to perform well. 

Seek out healthy alternatives and if you really must sneak in a cheat day, do so within reason.

To your good health this 2017!

Did you find these tips helpful?

Is there anything else you do to help keep your diet resolutions?
I’d love to hear about it. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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