Happy Birthday To Me....

I turn a year older on Sunday and I am looking forward to it.

So in celebration of growing older and in looking back, this post will take the form of Taking Stock of what the year has been like- with highlights and what's making me really happy at the moment. Think of this as TMI if you will but I hope you enjoy this rather personal post.

Alright, here goes: I am:

1| Making Sure I Give Priority To What Makes Me Happy

That is now my life's intention. As I keep getting clear on what an orgasmic lifestyle looks like for me, my happiness is my priority. My feelings are my barometer and help me determine my next course of action. If it feels good, I am all in. If I am not moved, well, sorry, moving on swiftly.

2|Eating: McVities Shortbread Biscuits

I have always been a fan of butter biscuits but these ones are just the truth. Cue new favourite snack:)

3| Drinking Herb Infused Water

I must confess that I have not been too much of a water drinker but I am trying. I start with warm lemon water in the morning to cleanse my system and generally jumpstart my day. I have done dill and basil, lemon. lemon and cucumber. Between infused water and herbal teas, I manage to get in the 2 Litre quota that is recommended.

{p.s: if you wanna learn more creative ways of getting your drink on, take a look at this post I did here as part of the Wellness Series.}

4| Reading Love Your Ladyscape

And a whole lot of other books on entrepreneurship, natural wellness and femininity. I like books that challenge my thinking and I have specially curated the Bookshelf with my personal recommendations on life-changing, attitude-altering books.

5| Wanting To Dance A Bit More

I have been dancing for a while now with my teacher Ronnie. I don't dance as often as I would love to but the few moments I get, I feel unstuck and happy.  

6| Playing Candy Crush

I always get amused when I see grown men and women playing this game but it does make for a good distraction on the long commute back home in the evening. I am a lot late to join this band wagon but it's been o interesting to the point that I wrote a whole blog post on Lessons From Playing Candy Crush.

7| Wasting Nothing

One of the things I am now keen on is up-cycling and making use of what is considered waste. That's my little way of ensuring sustainability where I engage my creativity to come up with new ways of re-using stuff. For example, using a broken wine glass as a candle holder with character or adding a used tea bag to form part of my facial steam. The people who are my eco-heroes and eco-sheroes are those who take what they have and turn it into something useful {and profitable as a by the way.}

8|Creating Content For my #aphotoaday challenge

One of the tenets of the orgasmic lifestyle is finding pleasure in the everyday and celebrating everyday. That requires a conscious and deliberate effort to find beauty. What better way to do that than through photos? My challenge is simple: for the next 366 days, I will be posting a photo a day on things that have moved and inspired me. I am already at day 90 and I feel like my eye for beauty has expanded. 

Follow along on the #aphotoaday2016 challenge.

I post videos, behind the scenes looks and photos on Instagram here.

9| Wishing That People Took Their Word Seriously

This has been a painful experience for me. I am finding it increasingly difficult to trust in people who say one thing and do another. I now understood why there is need to value your word. INTEGRITY is the key that ties it all together. Perhaps I should learn how to stop expecting too much from people.

10| Enjoying Learning About Myself Through The Lens Of My Cycle

Like I said, this was going to get quite personal but it's been one of the most phenomenal observations I have made. Through the length of the 4 week female cycle, I am coming to understand why I am outgoing on certain occasions and slowed down on others. Half of women's problems would be solved if we learned to work with our menstrual cycles instead of against it. The other half will be solved the moment women embrace pleasure as part of their everyday. That said, many men's lives would be made much easier if they learned to find value and lessons from their women's cycles. 

{p.s: I promise to do a whole post on this one very soon.}

11| Loving The Path Not Taken

Had I had my way, I would either have been a housewife or average lawyer. Thankfully I am neither. I would never have at any one point imagined that I would refer to myself as a creative, a curator and a natural wellness entrepreneur. But I would not have it any other way. What I know for sure is that my life will continue to surprise me and I am perfectly OK with that.

12| Hoping For Growth And Expansion

More like purposing to have another year where I step out of my comfort zone, one small step at a time. 

13| Marveling At The Wonders of My Female Body

It's been a period of observing and appreciating what my body can do- I suppose it happens when you are a yogi and do the wheel you never thought you would. It's closely tied to the point of learning about myself through my cycle. God sure did take time on women! 

14| Smelling Essential Oils

These small bottles have changed my life. My favourites are always on rotation but at the moment I am really into lemongrass and sandalwood. I am especially excited by how my friends and other people have used the doTERRA essential oils in their everyday. Their stories inspire me to keep on  sharing the joys of using essential oils to support their wellbeing.

Do you want to learn about using essential oils? Visit www.mydoterra.com/theessentialoilspot or send me a shout out at bree@theorgasmiclifestyle.com

15| Wearing A Lot Of Dresses, Black and White and Geometrics

For no particular reason except that I am drawn to the simplicity.

16| Following Women Entrepreneurs Who Continue To Break Barriers

I have never at any one point in my life deliberately set out to be an entrerpeneur. You could almost say it found me quite by accident. The daughter of professional parents, this is a new path for me. I am scared but also excited by learning the ropes. One of the fastest ways to learn is by reading about those who have been on this path before me and picking the lessons that resonate with me.

17| Noticing So Many Things As I Walk

The other day as I stopped by a certain vendor, I noticed that the plant people nearby had the most gorgeous succulents planted in a colourful red boot and wine glasses. Today morning on my way I saw the outline of an old school cathedral. I pass by that route everyday but I had never seen that facade.

Walking helps me pay attention and focus more on the present moment. What I see normally forms the base for some inspiration to kick in.

18| Knowing That God Has My Back

Without a doubt, this past year, I have seen grace, miracles, serendipity and synchronicity on another level. It's very powerful and reassuring to know that God does answer prayers. Sometimes He does it in ways to completely stun you, giving you something you didn't expect or something better.

Ask and you shall receive. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door shall be open unto you.

19| Feeling Absolutely Blessed

I said that last year as I grew older and I am saying it again. As I look forward to another year, I am grateful for family, friendship, my life, good health, education, money and abundance, my business, nature, the little things and the big ones. My main song this time round is one of thanksgiving and gratitude.

20| Bookmarking Images That Inspire Me

For my mood- board that is. As part of my visioning process. I find it difficult to have exact words for my 1 year, 3 year and 5 year plans but a helpful tool to gather clarity has been images of what I would like to feel and experience.  The more I collect, the sharper my vision becomes.

Your Turn:

There you have it, my past year in 20.

If you were to take stock of your past year, what does it look like? 

What valuable lessons have you picked up along the way?