No Non-sense Relationship Advice From Madea...

If pleasure is the cornerstone of an orgasmic lifestyle, relationships are its backbone.

You are only as good as your relationships. {tweet this}

This point cannot be emphasized enough. 

In order to live an orgasmic lifestyle, you have to be able to audit your relationships, be it familial, romantic, friendly, official, social and all the in-betweens.

What is the quality of your relationships? 

Do you feel good about them? Or is it a constant battle that leaves you drained and irritated?

In trying to reflect about people and friendships, relationships and everything in between, there was no better place to seek pearls of wisdom but from Miss Madea herself.  I don't know about you, but I have a soft spot for Tyler Perry and an even softer one for Miss Mabel 'Madea' Simmons, the God-fearing, gun-toting, pot-smoking, loud-mouthed grandma who is a bundle of wit, wisdom and laughs. That old lady sure does pack a punch!

Here are 7 no-nonsense tips to inspire you to surround yourself with relationships that allow you to thrive.

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1| Get Your Definitions Right

You have probably heard the saying that people are with us either for a reason, season or for a lifetime.  

As Madea rightly points out, the problem comes in when we get our definitions all mixed up. That includes burdening the seasonal people with lifetime expectations or relegating the lifetime ones with reasons.

Do yourself a favour and quickly examine the value your relationships add to your overall life and what value you add in return. 

After that, quickly determine where people fit into the grand scheme that is your life.  Use these definitions to get a grip on things and know exactly what you are setting yourself up for.

2| Don't Get Mad At People For Being Who They Are

How many times have we gone on a rant blaming so and so for all our problems?

Chill. You will probably be a lot kinder when you understand the role someone has to play in your life. It goes back to point 1 above of correctly defining where people stand in your life.

People will always be people. Cut them some slack and give yourself a break.

You don't want to take on burdens that do not belong to you.

3| Learn From The Trees

This has got to be the best analogy ever on people's roles in your life.

A tree has got leaves, branches and roots.

The leaves will sway from side to side depending on the circumstances.

A branch can break off at any moment ,leaving the tree high and dry.

The roots are the foundation of the tree. They don't have to be seen but they are known to be there.

Determine who are the leaves, the branches or the roots in your own life.

If you find one or two roots, hold on tightly to them and count your blessings.

4| Make A Decision

Sometimes you are going to have to let go.

It's going to be hard and it will break your heart. 

But you need to know when a relationship has run it's course.

It was never meant to be easy.

DECIDE that you will no longer be held captive by relationships that just don't add any value.

And where you are not adding  any value, count your losses and move on.

It's nothing personal. It' s called looking after number one- YOU.

5| Speak Up

People are not God and have no way of knowing what's going on.

If they are being disrespectful or doing something you don't agree with, speak up.

Passive- aggressive behaviour and pouting will not get you what you need or want.

Remember, ask and ye shall receive a.k.a. COMMUNICATE. {tweet this!}

If after all that there is no improvement, refer to number 4 above and make the decision to let go.

6| Learn How To Be By Yourself

FOMO is real. 

The Fear Of Missing Out is probably the number one reason why we are all getting into relationships that are no good for us.

We end up falling in love too quickly with the wrong people. [Remember the important distinctions we need to draw? Lesson Number One anyone?]

What are you putting up just to have somebody say they love you?What are you going to do with someone else if you can't deal with you?

The period when you are alone is meant for you to work on yourself so that anyone coming in can find a whole YOU.

Remember: Look After Number One. ALWAYS.

7| Choose Not To Live In Dysfunction

This has to be the most important piece of advice Miss Madea dishes out.

We all know how a relationship that is based on lies and drama can lead us to self-destruction. Refuse to wallow in such.

It all boils down to a bold and courageous decision to live a life that is different. A life that is built on your own terms.

An orgasmic life where YOU GET TO CHOOSE who you want to let in and why. Or not.

What could be better than that?

P.S: Here is  the whole video for you to have some giggles and food for thought. Feel free to pass this along!

Your Turn

I would love to know which of these tips hit a chord with you. 

Look after yourself by taking action when it comes to your relationships.