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This is the FINAL INSTALMENT in the Wellness Series which was inspired by the gorgeous Lamu Island. 

It has been 5 weeks of reflecting on what the lessons learnt about wellness from the sights and sounds I encountered.

In case you missed out, here's a reminder of the great topics we've talked about in the Wellness Series:

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In part 4, we took it a notch higher and decided to K.I.S.S.

Ok. Let's jump right into today's final 'putting it all together' post.

Today we talk about SENSUALITY.

Sensuality is a big part of an orgasmic lifestyle.

The type of sensuality I am referring to is experiencing life through your senses.

Have you ever met those people who seem to be properly attuned to life? People whose eyes light up as they go about their every day. People who seem to be getting a kick out of life.

People who are totally turned on and tuned in to life.

Living through your senses gives you permission, without trying too hard, to enjoy the glorious splendour that is present in everyday. Each moment then becomes something to look forward to. Relationships become richer and more fulfilling. Creativity and passion flow and every day is a reason to celebrate and enjoy.

Allow life to flow through and to you.

Embrace pleasure through what you see, touch, feel, hear, smell and taste; both literally and figuratively. 

Choose your pleasure

4 Tips To Help You Savour The Richness Of Your Senses

1| Be Ruthless About What You Let In

I love the word Ruthless because it implies commitment, determination, dedication and giving it 100%.

Be very particular about the sounds and energies that are present in your space. By space here I am referring to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual spaces.

You want to have a light and clear field within which to operate. 

This might mean cutting loose, letting go and severing ties but do it for your greater good.

What or who are you listening to?

What are you reading? What is in your space?

2| Audit Your Environment

Do you love where you work, live and play?

When I started out, my environment could only be best described as ‘fwaaah’- a term that signifies boring, uninspired, drab and plain. In short, there was everything wrong.

Our greatest clues normally lie right in front of us. For me, sleeping with a heavy tomato crate modified as a shelf above my head was a sign of being weighed down by too-muchness.

Listen to what your environment is telling you.

Your environment plays a big role in how you experience pleasure. An unexciting space is disinteresting and uninspiring- and we know that inspiration is the spark that lights the fire.

The good news is that change is within your reach. Create a plan. Go on and collect images for a vision board. That’s what I did! Any conscious effort is immensely rewarded. I am happy to say that my space looks exactly and even better than I had originally planned.

Invest in where you live or work to ensure that it is a true reflection of what defines you, your taste, your style, your preferences and your personality.

Do You Have Your Little Book Of Pleasure?

It shows you 14 simple ways to help you easily live through your senses.

3| The Power of Scent, Touch, Texture and Color:

Most of us get to associate certain memories with our sense of smell and touch.

Aromatherapy is one of the easiest ways to raise the energy in a space. It can take the form of essential oils. Or the scent of fruit in season.  Or the aroma of freshly baked pastries. Go back to your childhood stories and see which scents bring a sense of familiarity, protection or comfort. Identify a scent that inspires and moves you.

Include textures and patterns in your life.  Try lush, plush, soft, print, geometric, stripes, bold and so on. Identify what you are drawn to and find a way of bringing them into your everyday.  {For me, for example, my current loves are lace, glass, wood, ceramics, woven items, circles, squares, black and white, pink and blue.}

Don't scrimp and scrounge on the color. There is such a wide selection available from dove gray to sunflower yellow to bubble gum pink.  Find ways to be colourful in your everyday. Color therapy is an effective way of uplifting your mood without passing through a therapist.

Lastly, be sure to bring back a sense of intimacy, connection, trust and faith by making space for some touch in your life. It could be through straight-from-your-heart hugs or a simple massage. Touch for me represents a courageous and bold statement of affirmation since most of us are disengaged from true authentic expression and feeling. Let those who come into contact with your touch feel your presence. Let them experience you.

My challenge to you for this week is to make your hugs and handshakes one to be remembered. Let it come directly from your heart. The joy of the gift lies in both giving and receiving.

4| Spark Your Joy

There is one standard that will tip your life in orgasmic favour:

Surround yourself with things that you love.

If you choose to do only one thing from here, let it be that you decided to surround yourself only with things that you love and that spark your joy.

Whatever makes you happy, do more of that.

You have permission to live your best life.

Your Turn:

How do you live through your senses?

Share in the comments below.

have any pals who would benefit from some tips to improve their self-care and wellness?

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