This Is How I Got In

It is by now an open secret that I love essential oils.  And my oils of choice are unapologetically doTERRA.

If I was to be 100% honest, I didn't find the oils.

These oils found me.

It was a purely accidental occurrence yet very planned and strategic. What a paradox, you might be thinking, and I would wholly agree with you:)

In this week's musings, I reflect on that magical moment that led me to discover these little bottles that have transformed my wellbeing. As I think about it here, I notice that it was a methodical approach, one which I know can work for anything you desire and deep down want to get.

1| Write it down.

I have for a year now been waking up in the wee hours of the morning to do my Morning Pages, which allows me to dream, plan and vision all in the same breath.  Consider it Creative Visioning and Journaling, if you will. It is through this that I have learnt that the starting point of any desire should be on paper.

You don't have to obsess over the nitty-gritty. That you will figure out as you keep penning and noting down your thoughts around it.

The first step is to get it down on paper. There is no short cut. I feel it's one of those moments when you are saying 'I am serious about this. Let's do this.'

2| Be crystal clear on what it is you want.

It might seem contrary to what I have mentioned above. 

Let's rephrase: have an idea of what it is you want.

I remember this particular morning when I lovingly wrote down this thought:

I would love to get quality essential oils. 

I  can't quite recall the thoughts around it but I was uber sure about getting into this full time if [and only if] I got the right oils. 

3| Respond

{This is a special call to anyone and everyone offering a service or product to people.}

I knew this was a long shot but I was willing to try it out.

I had seen people on Pinterest mostly talking about signing up and getting essential oils. I was excited and fired up to do this.

I reached out to one of the essential oil companies and their response was very disheartening and negative. I quickly wrote them off. [I know you understand why]

The first lady I got in touch inquiring about signing up under her never bothered to answer my email.  Obviously I was bummed out and let that go.

Until, for some reason, I happened to chance upon a really LOUD email from this lady.

Now, I have no idea how I got onto her mailing list in the first place, but as soon as I saw this, my heart, my body and my soul all screamt YES in unison.

There was no doubt about it- she was THE ONE.

4| You will know when the right person/ thing/product/information has arrived.

I took a leap, emailed her and she responded. Promptly.

I was over the moon in excitement.

Part one of my needs had just been met. The first step had been sorted out.

I then knew without a doubt that it was possible, which was all the reassurance I needed at that time.

5| There is ALWAYS a way

I had not counted on another big factor that was going to be a challenge; the HOW of bringing essential oils all the way to Nairobi.

The duty on the oils was running up to crazy figures and  I am not kidding when I let on that I almost had a mini heart attack when I heard the quote from DHL.

What other options did I have?

I started looking around and researching, and the answer was revealed through a most unlikely conversation with my sister.

The result of that was we were able to find a more affordable clearing company.

I signed up immediately. [Refer to number 4 above]

6| Find someone who will walk with you

Kara helped me out, holding my hand all through. She even offered to take my own order and send it to me herself.

And as I have grown to understand this business, she has been with me all through.

Thank God for the Internet because we communicate via whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram.

She has not only been my sponsor but my mentor and greatest cheerleader.

We are both growing an international network and that works for both of us.

So, what is the moral of this story?

Essential oils are kinda a big deal. It's the most natural way to support your wellbeing. But it's also true that as we become more health conscious and picky about our products, it is easy to get overwhelmed by information overload or by people out to make a quick sell from us.

I searched high and low for QUALITY essential oils. The struggle was real, my friends.

But more important for me was a QUALITY NETWORK AND COMMUNITY. Just to be clear, half of what I have learnt so far has been through reading about other people's experiences with the oils and asking questions. 

I can't talk enough about doTERRA and Kara. I will even sing it from the rooftops and preach about it until my voice gets hoarse. These are products I trust explicitly and Kara is the best example of leadership there is.

What's in it for you?

Are you on the prowl for a more natural alternative to your products?

Do you want to experience the freedom and pride that comes from putting your own health first?

Are you interested in using essential oils to support your wellness goals?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, reach out to me.

This is my guarantee:  I will walk with you all the way, just as Kara has done for me.

If you are going to take up essential oils, believe me, you will need all the support and then some. It helps to have a community rooting for you, sharing with you and cheering you on.

P.S: Are you looking for some basic information to get you started with essential oils? I put together 10 easy to follow lessons here, which you can score for yourself, no strings attached!


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