The Wellbeing Series: Be A Better Drinker

This is the third post in the Wellness series, inspired by Lamu Island.

In case you missed out, check out the intro post here that delves into self care as an art. Part 1 talks about staying in flow while we have a look at food in the 2nd instalment here.

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It is in Lamu that the idea for my #21DaysOfSelfCare challenge on Instagram was borne. Lamu is what inspired Your Little Book of Pleasure, an awesome freebie that features 14 easy-to-implement tips to help you take your pleasure seriously. {Grab your copy now if you haven't already}

Here's a reminder of what you can look forward to over the next couple of posts:

An overall message of wellness as I experienced it in Lamu.

Simple doable action steps on how to incorporate the overall message into your everyday.

Surprise extra treats lovingly spread through the course of the series.

WEEK 3: Be A Better Drinker

Let's get right to it. After discussing food, the next obvious bit is water.

I used to drink no less than 4 litres of water everyday in Lamu. The heat made me do it. It was a no-brainer; drink up or suffer. I also used to sweat - A LOT!  There was also the more popular madafu made from succulent coconut and the tamarind juice which was an all-round refresher. You could also have lime juice and mango juice served up anytime. With a hot and humid climate, it was imperative to keep dehydrated at all times.

image courtesy of  Lamu Yoga Festival

image courtesy of Lamu Yoga Festival

We all know that water is essential to our well-being, yet up to 75% of the world is chronically dehydrated.

Here are some reasons to gently persuade you to become a better drinker and easily take charge of your health:

  • Water flushes the body therefore removing waste and assists in detoxification.
  • It promotes better digestion and transports nutrients to all of your organs.
  • it keeps you feeling alert, energetic and in a better state of mind.

Change Your Life Through Drinking More Water

1|Your First Glass

Start your morning with warm lemon water. This one thing alone has massively improved how I start my day.  Some of the benefits of doing this include:

* A happy liver and lymph system: 

By drinking enough water, especially in the morning, you help make sure that your body can perform its functions most effectively. Apparently lemon juice can help stimulate proper stomach acid production and bile production.

* A boost to your immunity

The vitamin C and potassium in lemon is better and more effectively absorbed when you take this mix first thing in the morning. 

* A stress buster

The scent of lemon is invigorating and  can potentially help reduce the affects of stress due to its calming effect on your nervous system.  Lemon juice provides your body with energy when it enters your digestive tract, and it also helps reduce anxiety and depression.

* Gorgeous Skin

Lemon water may lead to clearer skin by helping flush the body and improve digestion. Additionally, the Vitamin C and antioxidants present in lemon is needed for collagen production which promotes smooth and healthier looking skin.




2| Easy Does It

Take your water in small doses scattered through out the day.

Like anything with self-care, you need to be deliberate about it. Does 2 litres sound like a tall order?

How about breaking it down to a glass full of water scattered after every 4 hours? Or a bottle of water in the morning, at lunch time, at 4 o'clock and in the evening?

Try and make it part of your everyday routine so that it is not another chore or impossible thing to do.

{p.s: A pretty bottle does make all the difference.}



3| Infuse your water with herbs or fruits

To be honest, I cannot stand the 'taste' of plain water. I find it bland and tasteless. 

For the longest time, I would add herbs and fruits to warm water- giving it a hint of flavor.

My personal favourites are rosemary, thyme, oranges, lemons and limes.

Here are some suggestions on how to bring the 'zing' back to your drink. 


Make Mojito water

* Use lemon [or lime] and mint to add a dose of Mojito flavour to your water.


'Green' Water

* Create a herbal trail using basil, sage or oregano and add to your water.

* Strain and drink as required.


Orange/ Rosemary infused water

* These 2 go together like bread and butter. To make, simply squeeze orange juice and steep the rosemary in the orange water.


* Cut up slices of orange, drop in a sprig of rosemary, add hot water and allow to steep for 3 to 5 minutes. Strain and enjoy.


'It's About Thyme'

* This is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE herb to add partly because I am in love with the resulting taste and scent. To make, simply add some thyme sprigs to a glass of hot water and allow to steep for 3 to 5 minutes. Strain and indulge.



3| Add essential oils

In order to do this, you will need to use high quality essential oils. I can't emphasise this enough; to secure your own safety, please please please, use only certified essential oils.

Also note that it is best to start with a 'toothpick' size amount- take one end of the toothpick and dip it into the oil bottle. {There is such a thing as essential oil poisoning}

I find that the citrusy oils give water a yummy flavour.

You could play around with whichever variations tickle your fancy and include peppermint, cinnamon, basil. 



4| Don't forget the fruits and veggies

What do water melons, cucumbers and oranges have in common? They are all rich in water.

Try to make a simple fruit salad. Make it a part of your meal plan. At least these are tasty alternatives.


Bonus water tip: 

How about some herbal tea? Go all out with your favourite flavour and enjoy the goodness of tea at any time. I find that doing this as part of my morning break and in the evening brings a little ritual that is invigorating and calming.


Your Turn:

Let me know in the comments below: How do you stay hydrated?

Any favourite ways and recipes that you use to meet your 2 litre quota of water?

Share in the comments below.

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