Life Hacks From Playing Candy Crush

I am a late bloomer when it comes to the Candy Crush train, which passed me by at amazing speed.

I neither got the hype nor the memo.

Until I started playing recently.

It's quite the addictive game, probably because it appeals to my sense of competition or something like that.

                                          This was one of my proudest Candy Crush moments :)

                                          This was one of my proudest Candy Crush moments :)

The more I play, the more I have become aware of a couple of lessons that are suitable for any situation.

1| Who Are You Listening To?

You know those little bleepers that go on, acting as little prompts for you along the way? They try to show you where your options are.

Well, I learnt the hard way how NOT to pay attention to them.

They have all the best intentions, I am sure. But they are not necessarily what you need and they definitely will NOT give you the highest scores.

You would much rather think your way through the game.

Similarly, in your everyday, who are you paying attention to? Who is giving you advice?

Are they helping you get the most out of life?

Sure, they probably mean well- but is their advice going to carry you over to the top?

It's a tough pill to swallow but if you want to move ahead, you have to be ruthless about the people you are listening to.

2| The End Goal Determines The Strategy

I hadn't gotten how important this one bit is.

The instructions are very simple: clear the jelly or collect the fruit.

All that requires that you have in place a strategy that works.

Each situation is different.  Now, walking into a candy crush scene with no plan is similar to walking onto the road like a headless chicken.

And we all know what happened to that chicken.

In whatever you do, please have a plan in place.

The 2 most important questions you need to ask yourself before you undertake anything are:

WHAT are you trying to achieve?
HOW are you planning to get there?

It will help you keep your eyes on the prize and not waste time on unnecessary side shows- like the jelly bomb sometimes. Know what I mean?

3| Never Give Up

I can't count how many times I have lost all my lives just trying to redo a level until I reach the goal.

It can be a merciless, thankless and even frustrating effort, but I have learnt to keep going.

I do eventually manage to crack the code.

And when that happens I must have a picture to celebrate.

                             Good luck figuring out who I am here:) but yay! I am in the top 10!

                             Good luck figuring out who I am here:) but yay! I am in the top 10!

It's important to recognise and celebrate the small wins along your journey.

It's what keeps you going when you are frustrated and want to throw the phone away or throw in the towel [ as the case may be].

In such moments, it helps to have a reminder that you are a WARRIOR.

4| Figure Out What You Have At Hand

Those 3 extra buttons at the top of the game, ask friends for help and other boosters are very important to help you advance.

One of my earlier mistakes was not being aware of how useful 3 striped candies or jelly bombs are. I always felt that I had reached the end of the Candy Crush tether until I noticed the little extras.

Many of us stay stuck because we are not aware of what we have next to us to help us through.

Take an inventory of the people, things and thoughts around you that could be your greatest allies and resources.

Use them.

5| Know When To Stop

People who played Candy Crush before me were always on their mobile phones. It was almost like a drug.

Morning. Afternoon. Evening.

Candy crush zombies.

But like they say, don't judge someone if you have never walked in their shoes.

I have had my fair share of 2 hours literally spent on my phone, trying and retrying a level until l have exhausted all my lives.

At least I have learnt how to exercise restraint and play a game at a time.

It gets to a point where you have to let go and stop.

Your Turn:

Are you an avid Candy Crush fan?  What level did you reach?

What are some of the lessons you got from your Candy Crush playing days?

Or did you give up entirely?

Please share in the comments below.

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