The Washroom Experience

This week's musings is drawn from observations I made while running to a toilet. 

[It's not as gross as it sounds, I promise.]

Let's play truth or dare. 

I choose truth, thank you.

Here's an interesting fact about me: I love great toilets.

Someone once told me that if you were looking for a few moments of silence, quiet contemplation and peace, head on over to the loo. I believe them.

A toilet gently persuades you to be mindful and concentrate on the matters at hand.

A toilet knows a lot of the secrets we hide behind closed doors. 

But that is a story for another day.

Here's another truth: a big establishment shall be judged by the quality of its restrooms.

a.ka. the 'Washroom Experience.'

All this came to be because I happened to pass by a newly-opened mall that has been the talk of town for a while now. It's beautiful and it actually resembles a museum in Paris. I love the overall look and feel. You can see the amount of thought that went into it.

Until I needed to use the washrooms.

The 'facilities' are nestled away in an unsuspecting corner.

The signage is on point- it's not the usual ones that you see. It's a lovely mix of an Egyptian queen and a stately West African man. Obviously I smile. I am totally digging that decor.

[PS: another fun fact about me- I die in spaces that inspire and move me. As in my stomach literally swells with pride and passion and my eyes light up and sparkle. True story.]

Anyway, I walk into the washroom with all the expectations of an expectant woman, as only a woman would know how to.

My eyes drop and all the excitement and anticipation I had mustered gets deflated.

Someone has just pricked at my balloon.

My face falls flat.

I am met by what is [in my opinion] a cramped enclosure with plenty of chrome accessories and faucets that gush out too much water. It loudly screams 'afterthought'.

At least put in some flowers and a space to change babies.

And that's when it hit me: the test of how awesome something or someone is in the seemingly small and unimportant details. {tweet this}

The obvious ones that people tend to ignore and not pay attention to.

Have you ever been to a hotel and everything is going on well until they serve you food on a chipped plate?

Or might you have walked into a store only to be ignored by everyone like you don't matter?

Well Hello, Washroom Experience.

What Kind Of Washroom Experience Are You Creating For Your People?

And by your people I am referring to customers, family, subscribers, users - basically anyone who comes into contact with what you have to offer.

It could be in the type of customer service you stand for.

It might take the form of user experience with your products.

Perhaps your response time is the one teeny detail.

In your workspace, it could be a simple greeting or a conducive environment.

It could be in exquisite packaging.

The devil, my friends, is in the detail.

If there is one tip to totally transform people from one-time users to lifetime loyalists, it would lie in paying attention to the nuances.


Your Turn:

Have you had your own Washroom Experience?  Has there been any instance where you have felt that someone thought you wouldn't notice the afterthought? Share in the comments below.

Do you pay attention to the small things? In which area(s) can you begin to make people's experience something to smile about?

P.S: Feel free to pass this along to someone who can do with a little reminder on the importance of detail. Or to anyone who needs a good read.

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