Why I Broke Up With Oprah

It's not a secret that Oprah Winfrey has always been the love of my life.  I, like many other women [and men] I am sure have looked up to her as advisor, counsellor, confidante, BFF, fashion consultant, head therapist; among many other roles.

Many of us draw inspiration from her life and her lessons. She has always featured prominently on my list of role models.

Child, if the woman decided to bill us for all the years of service she has provided and continued to provide through her OWN network, we probably would be bankrupt by now.

She is a game changer, trendsetter, super-woman, role model, philanthropist. 

She is everything I desire to be.

When I grow up, I want to be Oprah.



At the height of my love affair with her, I did what anybody who has a crush on someone does: I was her number one stalker and followed her everywhere- from Facebook. To twitter. Later on to Instagram. I wasn't the biggest LinkedIn user, but yap, you guessed it, I was there too. I went as far as signing up for ALL her newsletters.

Until my inbox was inundated with TONNES of email.

That's when I knew something had to give and I was forced to make a painful decision.

Oprah and I had to break up.

After living one year of constant communication and updates, it just became overwhelming.


It was incredibly heart wrenching and unnerving, just like any separation is. Having to let go of someone I felt so connected to really broke my heart. [sob sob] 

In order to maintain my sanity I had to. Her content was totally awesome but unfortunately no longer served me.  When I unsubscribed and let go, I realised my freedom.

It didn't mean that the love was lost between us. It just meant that I had moved on to another phase of my life and that my needs were different.

This lesson came back to me again earlier this week.

Man, the folly of the human heart. I now have new people to admire and love. And the easiest way for me to keep abreast with what's going on with them is to follow their news.

I think I am currently subscribed to over 50 thought leaders like Marie Forleo and the newbies who are making a mark.

But I am back to that point of overwhelm where my inbox is literally full of people peddling information.

Information is currency especially in this time and age when we are all students at the ever-expanding University of Google.

It's awesome, right?  But then again, it's NOT.

Everybody has something to say. And it's a good thing because conversation and connection are the bane of human existence.

TMI: That information sometimes feels like NOISE.

I have been on a roll- spring cleaning and the first place I decided to look at was at my inbox.

My to-do list for this week is simple: I am rushing into my inbox like Mohawk the lion is hot on my heels, bringing out my ninja face and unsubscribing like my life depends on it.

Because my life does depend on clarity and space.

They even have a name for it- Digital declutter.

Let's get it on!

Your Turn:

Tell me, am I alone in feeling like this TMI business is getting a little bit out of hand?

What are YOU doing about it? I wanna know [cue Joe here]