The Power Of P

I love to talk about women.

Obviously because I am a woman but mostly because I strongly believe that women have special gifts and flair that the world desperately needs.

I also talk about beauty.  In fact it is the cornerstone of most of my conversations. I cannot imagine a world that is drab, dull and just there. 

So, when I get a chance to talk about both beauty AND women in one post, I grab it with all the excitement I can muster. [Don't judge me:)] Which will explain why I am happy to pen down a few thoughts for this year's Beauty of a woman blog fest.

This post will let you in on the most powerful 'P' word around that will revolutionise your life.


My dreams were valid

When I grew up, I wanted to be a doctor. A paediatrician to be precise. It had all the markings of being glamorous and well paying.  All the cool people I knew were doctors but none was a children's doctor. I would have been the first one.

Things did not quite go according to plan because somehow I found myself enrolled for a law degree. Turns out I didn't quite make the cut in biology.  It was obvious then that I was destined to be a corporate big wig a la Ally McBeal. That was long before Suits and Good Wife came into the picture.

On top of that, I had vivid visions of being a super housewife, complete with twins running around my ankles and a picket fence. Enid Blyton was my role model and her stories of high teas filled with a tureen of potatoes and peas with a platter of cheese used to make my  mouth melt. I was a wizard chef in my day dreaming.

Alas! Things again took their own turn and life moved me in a totally different direction. 

The moral of the story:

The one thing that has always remained consistent though is that I NEVER once did something I was not passionate about- something I did not love.

I realised that my life choices were dictated by this powerful 'P' word:

It started back then, and it continues to this day.

It is what allows me to question what I do and why I do what I do.

Do I feel good when I do that?  Or would I feel better if I chose something else?

the 'P' word:  PLEASURE

Am I in it because I want to or because it is demanded of me?

Will I opt for colorful pillows or settle for ill-fitting clothes?

Why is my current favorite perfume Hugo Boss Red?

the 'P' word again...

This buzzword packs a punch.

It brings out the elegance, beauty and radiance of a woman.

It draws everyone else to you because they are captivated by what you have to offer.

There is a certain je ne sais quoi  around a woman so in touch with her pleasure that makes people think  ‘I want a dose of what she’s having’

For the next 7 days:

Investigate how you experience pleasure

Pay attention to and become more aware of what makes you tingle. What makes your toes curl and your face light up.

Remember that YOU have a greater and enhanced capacity to really tap into this innate reservoir of pleasure and use it to support our lives in a more holistic way.

Expand your definition of pleasure.

Anything can be turned into a moment of pleasure depending on how you frame it.

Meal time for example could morph into a celebration of artistry and elegance when you deliberately and intentionally set your food out on your finest china.  A session putting on a smokey eye could transform you into a gorgeous beauty through how you go about it.

Use your everyday moments to celebrate pleasure and embrace your beauty.

Your power lies in your ability to follow your pleasure. [nice nice I can say it twice]



* I am curious to know how YOU have made pleasure a part of your life. Do share in the comments' box below how pleasure rocks your world.

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