Embrace Your Inner Artist


Let’s talk about a certain type of people today.

You know, the ones who walk around with flowers in their hair, free flowing outfits that scream ‘I don’t really give two cents about what you think’. The ones who are always on one adventure after another, enchanting everyone with their stories.

The ones who walk barefoot because they believe that it connects them to Mother Nature.

The ones who seem to be floating around.

We label them ‘artistic’ and ‘creatives’, sometimes in a mocking tone, while being secretly envious of their tenacity, ease, spontaneity and freedom.

Don’t we all love those types?

I have been described as being artistic.  For a long time, I was not comfortable with that tag. Let’s be real here:- in as much as many people admire the courage it takes to be an artist, no one would ever declare out loud that they want to be an artist. The eye rolls would be enough to scare you.

At least that’s how it was back in my days.

The good news:  everyone is creative.

Even better news: everyone is an artist.

Creativity and artistry is a way of life.  It is an attitude. It’s in the simple things like how you dress to how you do your work. Artistry colours and flavours life.

Your inner artist is like a little child who needs to be paid attention to.

Here are 3 simple techniques that are available to anyone to help nurture your inner artist.

Morning Pages

This is by far my most favourite method of connecting with my inner artist.

Most people will tell you that they journal faithfully. It is a great form of release.

The morning pages is slightly more than that. I learnt about the Morning Pages from Julia Cameron here; three pages of uncensored short hand that you do first thing in the morning.

The beauty of the Morning Pages lies in the freedom to write whatever is in your heart.

My own pages have revealed me to me. This practice has transformed my relationship with my self. The thoughts that I refuse to acknowledge publicly for fears both known and unknown, have been given space to unleash themselves. Frustrations have been vented and released on these pages. Ideas that seem too good to be true are dreamt up here. This is my chance to write it all down with no judgment, no condemnation- just what is at that moment.

My pages have taught me that if we seek, we shall find. Help is always close at hand. There is no shortage of creative ideas.

Artist’s Dates

This is the easiest but also the hardest tool to implement partly because we find it so difficult to play, especially as adults.

Simply put, an artist’s date is a play date with yourself. It is a deliberate intention to be with yourself doing fun things- like playing with plasticine or going to a museum or buying flowers. It takes you back to a child-like state that enables you to experience the world through curious eyes.

The rules of this game are simple; make a point to do one thing every week that is fun.

There are no short cuts about it- you have to schedule it. And you have to enjoy it.

P.S: Frolicking in the grass with your legs up does count as well.

Do The Walk

Walking is a brilliant form of exercise, but it can also be transformed into a moment of self-reflection. Twenty minutes at least twice a week will inspire creative solutions to problems that seem to be eating at you.  As Julia says ‘you may walk out with a problem and walk back in with a solution.’

Pretty simple, right?

Now that that’s a wrap, how do you embrace your inner artist?  I would love to know in what ways you support your inner artist.