Lessons From An Aspiring Yogini

It's funny from where our life lessons find us. What started as a simple something to do as part of a yoga challenge I was sponsoring thanks to my gorgeous inspiring friend Julianne has taken me down a path I didn't expect.

I have done yoga for a good number of years now at the Africa Yoga Project. On my bestie's persuasion, we even took part in the Lamu Yoga Festival this year and had a swell time. { In case you missed it, check out the Wellness Series that was inspired by Lamu here, here and here.}  

It's been 3 months since that first yoga challenge. Since then I have completed another 3 and I am currently doing quite a number simultaneously.

This week I am sharing a few thoughts on lessons learned from being an #InstaYogini and how that has profoundly shifted my own view of everyday life.


1| Expect The Unexpected

 Since taking on yoga challenges, I have been forced to post my photos publicly. It has been unnerving but it's been worth it.  Questions like 'Who wants to be my photographer?' has forced me to become creative and learn how to use the self- timer.

Honestly, I am a relatively private person. I don't quite like plastering photos of me, me and more me as it makes me feel so vain.  The upside of taking on #aphotoaday challenge is that I have learnt how to be comfortable with my expression of artistry and creativity. The yoga photos are proof of celebrating all that and progress.

I didn't expect to grow my own personal practice as a result but I have been growing from strength to strength each day.

I didn't expect to learn just how personal and creative a yoga practice can be.  This creativity comes from learning when enough is enough, how to listen to your body and respecting it for what it can do. It also comes from learning from other people's expression and understanding how to fit certain aspects into your own.

I didn't expect to meet such kind people on the instaweb who are kind and encouraging. Instagram is full of amazing yogis and yoginis who are capturing inspiring variations. I am happy to have made some friendships with people whose only link to me is via the internet. We support one another, we cheer each other on and root for one another.



2| #ProgressNotPerfection

There are certain poses that I didn't know about that at first succeeded in stressing me and awakening the perfectionist voice in me that keeps laughing at my efforts. Being a Virgo doesn't help much either because my standard is being the best.

Yoga has taught me humility. I now know that I need to be humble enough to stop when I can't go any further and be OK with that. Humility to listen to my body when it aches and hurts.

The photos I share are signs of progress and personal breakthroughs- no matter how imperfect they seem. I appreciate the effort, the lines and the small victories along the way.

Check back with me in a couple of months. I intend to do a series of Progress Photos just to see how far I have come.

lizard pose

3| It's OK To Fall Flat On Your Face

My practice includes a lot of moments where I am laughing at myself when I fall flat on my face. For every 1 photo you see up, there is an ever-growing library of 500 to back it up -from all angles, with all manner of filters and edits, capturing the different phases of the pose.

I love all of it. I keep the bloopers to remind me of how far I have come. I have learnt not to take myself too seriously.

At the end of the day , I am just a yogini on a mission to improve my practice one yoga challenge at a time.

dancers pose

P.S: If you are in Nairobi and are interested in developing a yoga practice, I highly recommend the Africa Yoga Project Shine Centre at 4th Floor, Diamond Plaza, Parklands. Join in for the Community Class, every Saturday from 10 a.m. to noon- it's full of beautiful energy.

Your Turn:

Is there something you are working towards everyday? What lessons have you got from that experience?

Share with me in the comments below.

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