Life can sometimes be fast paced and super complicated.

We wind up out of breath, overwhelmed, irritated and short tempered.  It happens to the best of us.

Yet have you ever wondered what a simple, joyful and enjoyable everyday would look like?

More importantly, how would that feel like?

where it all began: my story of overwhelm, struggle and complication:

About 1.5 years ago, I found myself feeling increasingly confused, scattered, with too much stuff, stuck and heavy.

My environment was a perfect reflection of the inner drama that was going on and it was cluttered with everything and anything that I could fit into it.

The moment I decided I couldn't no more, I started craving space.

Space to be and to create.

Armed with a plan, a vision board and plenty of ideas, I set about decluttering.

I started paying attention to the story of my life as told to me by my associations, my environment and what I owned.

As I got rid of disempowering stuff, releasing my attachment to the stories behind them, I felt light and free.

I also realised that I could create my life by surrounding myself only with things that told the story I wanted to tell.

The story that I chose to tell was one of excellence, quality and beauty; creativity and artistry.

I became RUTHLESS about that; no more holey stockings, no ill-fitting clothes and definitely nothing that didn't fit into my definition of me.

As that happened, naturally I turned to my space. I added colorful pillows, fresh flowers and a fleece rug to add a little pizzazz.

As if by magic, life became more pleasurable.

Everyday was different. Everyday was beautiful. Everyday became a moment of celebration.

The orgasmic lifestyle was borne out of an appreciation of beauty, sensuality and love. 

And now, weird as it sounds, here I am encouraging YOU to embrace pleasure in your everyday.

It's not as difficult as it sounds.

The orgasmic manifesto:

Miracles happen in the everyday.
There is grace and magic in everyday.
You can choose to feel good at any given moment.
Find pleasure in the everyday.
Expand your definition of pleasure.



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