Does Your Self Care Need A Boost?

Taking care of YOU shouldn’t be impossible to fit in, even if you’re busy

My work is to help you put yourself first –without feeling selfish or overwhelmed.

 I can show you how- through simple tips & tricks, rituals & practices, tools & ideas to bring self care back into your everyday.

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Take better care of yourself everyday

hello lovely,

My name is Bree. I am an essential oils educator, a self care coach and an advocate for women’s wellness.

The Orgasmic Lifestyle was borne out of my desire to bring together a community of women that were ready to embody pleasure and embrace a feminine way of life  AND my love for doTERRA essential oils.

I believe that orgasmic women can and will change the world.

I also believe that YOLO is a legitimate life choice.

I love rituals and I am always looking for ways to make life more engaging.

I love hanging out in the everyday and I want to help you live your most orgasmic life everyday.

It's as simple as tweaking your self care routine and honoring your desires as sacred.



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